YK Osiris Explains Why He Became Emotional During His Recent Video Where He Discussed Other Artists He No Longer Speaks To


Over the weekend, YK Osiris raised some concerns as he became emotional during one of his recent Instagram live videos. In the video, while in the car, Osiris spoke to the people that were tuned in to his Instagram Live and shared that there were a few celebrities that no longer talk to him because they don’t mess with him.

He said, “Drake don’t f**k with me either, me and Drake don’t talk. Me and Lil Baby don’t talk, nobody in the industry f**ks with Osiris.”

Fans became concerned as he became emotional and asked, “So why the f**k I keep living? So you tell me, why should I keep living?”


On Monday, Osiris shared a video to his Instagram story where he shared why he became emotional and said,

“Let’s not get this misconstrued that Osiris being emotional, Osiris was crying because certain people in the industry doesn’t mess with him. That’s not true. The reason I was crying, the reason I was showing emotions to let people know that other people feel like this too. I show so much love, I show so much happiness and joy to people that I really love, I really mess with, look up to, but I don’t get the same results.”



As previously reported, last month YK Osiris shared that he got tattoos of Usher and Drake’s logos as a way to pay homage to both artists.



In the past, Osiris has trended as he reportedly owed money to bother Drake and Lil Baby.





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