Wordle 485: October 17, 2022 Hints & Answer


October 17th’s Wordle answer can be a bit tricky to solve without using relevant hints and is the perfect candidate for Wordle’s hard mode.

October 17th’s Wordle answer is a bit complicated to solve as the word isn’t as expected in the daily lexicon. Apart from being a tricky word, the solution also features two vowels next to each other which might throw some players off. Players are recommended to use words with multiple vowels to solve today’s puzzle in their first few attempts. While today’s puzzle can utilize multiple attempts before players can figure out the answer, players will have a better chance if they use hints that might point them in the right direction. However, Wordle offers another mode that some players might enjoy using if they like a bit of a challenge.


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Many players prefer to use Wordle‘s hard mode as it lets them develop new strategies and not waste their attempts on random guesses. However, this mode is a bit more time-consuming as it does not allow players to use previously discovered correct letters in different spots, preventing players from making random guesses. These mechanics benefit players in the long run as these skills can be transferred to the regular mode. Wordle‘s hard mode is ideal for solving complex words such as today’s Wordle answer. However, many players do not have much time to spend on daily Wordle puzzles. Therefore, players with less time prefer to use clues that don’t necessarily give away the answer but paint a clearer picture of the solution.

Today’s Wordle Hints (October 17th #485)

Using hints for Wordle puzzles isn’t precisely cheating as they don’t outright spoil the answer for players. Since these clues only give a vague idea about the answer, they can be instrumental for solving Wordle solutions that feature complex words such as today’s puzzle. These hints are somewhat similar to clues seen in other vocabulary games and prevent many players from sacrificing their daily streak.

  • Hint 1: the German word for stone.
  • Hint 2: a large earthenware beer mug.
  • Hint 3: to raise a ___ of beer (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (October 17th #485)

The October 17th Wordle answer is STEIN.

Today’s Wordle answer is slightly complicated to solve; however, players will have a good chance using words like ‘STONE,’ ‘STAIR,’ and ‘STAIN.’ Once players use the word ‘STAIN,’ they will be able to figure out the correct position of four letters from today’s Wordle answer. Likewise, once players know the correct position of four letters, they will be able to solve today’s Wordle puzzle using the word STEIN.

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