Wordle 474: October 6, 2022 Hints & Answer


October 6th’s Wordle answer is a relatively easy word to guess compared to some of the recent solutions the puzzle has thrown at players this week. The key to solving today’s Wordle puzzle is to figure out the prefix and suffixes, as they are quite common. To make it even easier, there is a vowel right in the middle, which can be easily guessed if players use their regular starting words. However, since there can be many possible answers, it can be challenging for some players to eliminate all the incorrect answers in just six attempts. Therefore, players looking to solve today’s Wordle puzzle without sacrificing their daily streak will have an easier time if they use contextual hints.


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While today’s Wordle answer doesn’t need to be attempted in Wordle‘s hard mode, it would still benefit players to get some practice in. Even if players use this mode to identify the correct positions of at least three letters, they will have an easier time solving today’s puzzle using the more challenging method. In addition, since this mode does not let players use confirmed letters in different spots, it would be beneficial for players to solve answers with repeating letters or complex spellings in the long run. However, players who aren’t interested in using this mode and only want some clues that might help them solve the answer can use the hints below.

Today’s Wordle Hints (October 6th #474)

Before giving the answer away, some players prefer to use clues that would give them a better idea about today’s Wordle solution without cheating. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t really offer any hints about the answer apart from letting players know the correct/incorrect position of letters. Due to the ambiguity, players tend to use hints that are similar to clues found in other vocabulary games, such as crossword puzzles. Hopefully, these hints might help players figure out today’s Wordle answer in a few attempts.

  • Hint 1: reluctant to work or make an effort
  • Hint 2: a slow-moving tropical American mammal
  • Hint 3: John is working like a ____ today (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (October 6th #474)

The October 6th Wordle answer is SLOTH.

We were able to solve today’s Wordle answer thanks to our regular starting word, ‘ROAST.’ First, it let us know the incorrect positions of three letters. Next, words like ‘STORE,’ ‘SHOTS,’ and ‘SOOTH’ allowed us to identify the correct positions of all but one letter. Finally, after knowing the correct position of the four letters, it was easy to solve today’s Wordle answer with SLOTH in our fifth attempt.

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