Why The Kardashians Fans Say Kim’s Work Comments Were Directed at Kourtney


The Kardashians aired Kim Kardashian’s now-notorious interview with Variety in their most recent episode, and some people think that her comments were a dig at her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian. Kim was giving advice to female businesspeople, and got dragged by viewers. Season 2 of the show has already delivered some shocking revelations and behind-the-scenes moments, but viewers have been waiting to see how the series handled Kim’s comments, as they were not well-received by fans or critics. As the season has progressed, the sister’s storylines have become increasingly personal. Viewers have gotten a look at Khloé Kardashian’s tumultuous relationship with her ex, Tristan Thompson, and the birth of Kylie Jenner’s son, as well as a peek at Kim’s public romance with Pete Davidson.


With the season nearly at its midpoint, some of the more recent Kardashian controversies are popping up onscreen, including Kim’s Variety interview, where she said, “I have the best advice for women in business: get your f*****g a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” The backlash from the public was instantaneous and extreme, and some The Kardashians viewers noticed a potential slight from Kim towards her older sister, Kourtney. In the past, Kim and Kourtney have had big fights about Kourtney’s work ethic, which Kim has always had a problem with. Fans feel that Kim’s comments, as well as her behavior during the interview, were examples of her possibly throwing shade at Kourtney.

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Was The Kardashians’ Kim Subtly Insulting Her Sister Kourtney?

In past iterations of The Kardashians, both Kim and Kourtney have had their fair share of drama. From Kourtney’s difficult relationship with ex-Scott Disick, to Kim being robbed and assaulted in Paris, the sisters have dealt with all sorts of hardships, and come through them together. However, for a few years in the late 2010s, Kim and Kourtney were at odds, due to Kourtney’s lack of engagement with the business side of the sisters’ empire. Kourtney did not want to film Keeping Up With the Kardashians regularly, and when she did appear, she didn’t always seem authentic or vulnerable on camera. Kim felt that Kourtney was not contributing, and their relationship became tense because of this rift. Kourtney felt that she was prioritizing her children, while Kim thought that she was sabotaging their family. The two came to physical blows in 2019, which caused them to realize just how bad their relationship had become.

In recent years, as documented on The Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney have managed to repair their relationship. Kourtney, who still lives separately from her husband Travis Barker, says she is happier than ever. She has admitted that she was in a bad place, in terms of her mental health, but has taken steps to heal. However, Kim may not be over the drama. Some viewers feel that Kim’s comments on people’s disinterest in working hard were meant for Kourtney, as they echoed old issues that the two have faced. Fans felt that when Kourtney spoke during the interview, her sisters were quick to ignore her points, and steamroll her. It is possible that this is true, given that Kourtney is openly the happiest she’s ever been, while Kim and Khloé are both dealing with highly public relationship drama. Some wonder if Kim is jealous of Kourtney’s stable relationship, since she hasn’t been able to find a long-lasting romance of her own, after divorcing Kanye West.

While Kim never said her comments were about Kourtney, during The Kardashians season 2 episode 4, viewers noticed that there seemed to be something left unsaid, with regard to Kim’s harsh remarks. She was able to explain herself on the show, sharing some personal insights with fans about how her own work ethic was built, but many felt that Kim’s explanation wasn’t good enough. While Kim was speaking on a topic that she knows a lot about, she came from a place of long-term privilege, and did not acknowledge that until well after the interview was published. While fans may never know if Kim’s comments were directed at Kourtney, who is happy with her work-life balance, it is clear that there was some tension in the air.

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