Why Sister Wives’ Paedon Brown Says There’s No Man Of The House


Paedon Brown of Sister Wives is once again lashing out at his father Kody, this time implying that he is not the head of the household.

Paedon Brown is letting Sister Wives viewers know he is still not on good terms with his father Kody by telling his social media followers there is no “true” man of the house. Kody is known to want to have control over his family, but over the years, things have gotten away from him. With Christine’s departure, Kody is finding it hard to navigate the murky waters.

Sister Wives viewers feel Paedon is once again shading Kody after recent remarks. The aspiring firefighter took to his TikTok to note just how delusional his father is being in his behavior toward the rest of the Brown family. Even though Paedon did not mention Kody by name, he did reference Christine in the video. In typical Paedon fashion, he spoke while sitting in his car, driving a valid point home, saying, “Any man of the house that has to say, ‘I’m the man of the house,’ is no true man of the house. Viewers couldn’t help but feel that the 24-year-old was slighting his father, who recently stated he was going to be the head of the Brown family again.


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Paedon Brags About Christine

Paedon went on to claim that he and his siblings know how strong of a woman Christine is and shared that viewers often approach him to say the same. Paedon shared that his mom has never claimed to be a strong independent woman because she is one and doesn’t need to keep announcing it to the world. Kody has been on a streak during every recent Sister Wives episode, telling his remaining wives that he will once again be taking the reins and directing the family the way he chooses.

Sister Wives viewers have noticed that Kody has developed a bit of a God complex. The father of 18 often likes to boast about his needs and desires without considering his wives. Recently, Kody revealed that he didn’t want to visit Janelle in her RV because she doesn’t accommodate him like his favorite wife, Robyn. In the premiere of the new season, Christine confirmed what every viewer knew, sharing that Robyn is indeed Kody’s most beloved wife.

This is not the first time Paedon has shaded his father. As his parents began their separation, Paedon claimed Kody was often distant, blaming Robyn and her children. Sister Wives viewers learned that Paedon once lashed out at Robyn’s kids, and Kody never forgave him. For now, Paedon seems happy to share his dislike for his father, with Sister Wives viewers thoroughly enjoying the family gossip.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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