Why Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Loathes Janelle’s RV Lifestyle


Kody Brown of Sister Wives has never been one to hold back his opinion and now shares how much he dislikes Janelle’s RV. Kody has always been a bit precious when it comes to his need for a comfortable life. Viewers have often noticed his refusal to make compromises over the years.

Now, thanks to a sneak peek of an upcoming Sister Wives episode from ET, viewers are getting a first-hand look at how much Kody hates the idea of living in a small, confined spot. In the video, some of the Brown family members come to look at Janelle’s RV. Meri shares that when the family was just starting out, she, Kody, Christine, and Janelle had to live in a mobile home. As it turns out, Kody may not be interested in returning to a similar situation with Janelle. In the video, he complains to cameras that Janelle’s decision will cause “major inconveniences,” suggesting it would be easy to think, “Oh, there’s hot water at Robyn’s house, why am I going to sit here with you and suffer with your choices?


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Why Kody Prefers To Stay With Robyn

Elsewhere in the clip, Christine suggests as much, stating that she feels complaining about the RV is just another excuse for Kody to go spend even more time with his fourth wife. However, even Robyn voices her concern over Janelle’s decision, sharing that she feels the RV may be a point of contention that ends up driving Janelle and Kody further apart. Sister Wives viewers could see each wife was nervous as they shared their hopes for Janelle’s choice of home.

Naturally, Kody has the last word in the clip, claiming he will try to accommodate Janelle’s choice the best he can but, in the end, must make his own decisions that best suit him. Given his history, it seems likely Kody will not enjoy living in the RV with Janelle. At the very least, he will pretend he doesn’t like it in order to spend more time with Robyn.

Kody has been spiraling ever since Christine announced she was leaving him. He has revealed his plan to run the family like a patriarchy, which none of his wives ever agreed to. With the fear of losing another wife close to his mind, Kody is once again trying to bring in strict rules that most likely won’t work out. For now, Janelle, Robyn, and Meri are all staying put, but viewers think Janelle may be thinking about how much better life could be without Kody, especially now that she has her RV.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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