Why Kaycee & Brother Kenny Got Pulled From The Challenge


During The Challenge season 38 premiere, Kaycee and Kenny Clark were pulled from the game before the first challenge began. Now, Kaycee explains why.

When The Challenge: Ride or Dies premiered, viewers saw the reigning champ Kaycee Clark return for the 38th season, alongside her little brother Kenny Clark, and viewers are wondering why the siblings were pulled from the competition. They were trying to win the grand prize, but they didn’t get much air time last night, as they were taken out of the game before the first challenge even took place. Now, Kaycee is explaining why they were both removed from the reality program.


Before the first challenge started, host TJ Lavin announced that Kaycee and Kenny had to leave the game, and that he was bringing in two new teams (Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez, and Nam Vo and Emmy Rus) to replace them. Unsurprisingly, many fans are still wondering about Kaycee and Kenny’s sudden disappearance. According to EW, Kaycee revealed that they were removed from the game because The Challenge contestants tested positive for Covid. However, she added that they don’t know how they got it.

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Kaycee and Kenny May Return To The Challenge

According to the aforementioned publication, Kaycee stated, “Apparently me and my brother had it. It was traveling, going to Argentina [to film this season], we ended up getting COVID and getting sick.” Luckily, she felt no symptoms, but she did find the news shocking. Despite the issue, it doesn’t seem like viewers have seen the last of Kaycee and her brother this season, as they may return to the game.

When the season trailer dropped after the first episode aired, Kaycee was shown. This seemingly proves that her and her brother will return to The Challenge to try and win the money. The dates when Kaycee and Kenny possibly returned are currently unknown. However, there is hope that the couple did come back to film more exciting action.

With The Challenge 38 now underway, viewers have a lot to look forward to. The competitors got to choose their own partners going into the game, which was a first for the MTV series. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any drama this season. The show always brings its fair share of highs and lows, and this season will be no different. With a share of $1 million up for grabs, the competitors will stop at nothing to make sure they make it into TJ’s final. Viewers will just have to tune in to see how the season pans out, and who earns that coveted spot in the final.

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The Challenge: Ride Or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8 P.M. EST on MTV.

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