Why Fans Are Disappointed By Bling Empire Season 3


Bling Empire season 3 has certainly brought the drama, but it has been lackluster compared to its past two seasons, according to many fans.

Some fans are disappointed by Bling Empire season 3, saying it has not lived up to the beloved season 1. From over-editing to a shift in focus, fans are losing some of the aspects they initially loved about the groundbreaking show. Bling Empire has stayed in Netflix’s Top 10 List, showing that it is still very popular, but that has not stopped fans from sounding off about the issues it has.

Bling Empire is known for its over-the-top cast, as it follows the lives of several extremely wealthy Asian and Asian American people living their glamorous LA lives. Some fans have soured on the cast, with Reddit user u/Normal_Principle2977 saying, “I don’t really like any of the cast anymore!” Many others agreed, feeling that they come off as fake, with Christine Chiu, the previous two seasons’ villain now becoming the fan favorite. Other fans are not blaming the cast, but feel the entire show just went downhill after the first season.


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Fans Want More Bling In Bling Empire Season 3

R/Dry-Dragonfruit-8957 said, “Only got 3 episodes deep into 3 and already seeing the faux storylines,” referring to the first few episodes that covered Jaime Xie confronting Christine over contrived drama. Many Bling Empire fans loved the escapism of watching extravagant parties in mega-mansions where everyone was wearing designer clothes. U/eggmomma222 said, “I liked the show a lot more when it was mostly about how insanely rich they all were.” Cast members are worth anywhere from Mimi and Don Morris’ $1 billion to Christine and Dr. Gabriel Chiu’s $80 million net worth.

The show shines when Mimi is showing off her closet with its own liquor cabinet that is the size of a small house, rather than watching Kane Lim run around stirring up drama for everyone else. Even the show’s soundtrack has rubbed Bling Empire fans the wrong way this season. Fans dragged Kim Lee, with r/wowzathatscool making a comment about the music, saying, “I thought maybe they were using kim’s music to promote her and that she was a bad dj.” Some fans think this is a problem larger than Bling Empire, as it is also a qualm viewers have with Selling Sunset and reality shows as a whole.

Despite many viewers feeling that Bling Empire is creating too many fake storylines rather than letting the cast shine on its own, there are many aspects fans still love. Season 3 has shown new pairings, like Christine and Kevin’s sweet friendship. It has also shown Christine in a better light, as a loving mother who picks up and drops off her son Baby G at school every day, even when it means missing lunch with Mimi. Fans continue to love Christine and Gabe’s storyline, as well as Don and Mimi’s unexpectedly funny and sweet marriage.

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