Why Bravo Casting Lizzy Savetsky For RHONY Season 14 May Be Controversial


The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 will feature seven new housewives when the show returns in 2023, but despite Bravo’s attempt to reboot the series to avoid controversy, they cast one person with particularly strong opinions: Elizabeth “Lizzy” Savetsky. Although the Real Housewives show has become a pop culture staple since its premiere in 2008, the cast of RHONY season 13 was embroiled in so much criticism—particularly when Ramona Singer was accused of racism against the first Black housewife, Eboni K. Williams—that Bravo canceled the reunion and decided to split the series in two. RHONY season 14 was completely recast to reboot the show from square one, while RHONY: Legacy was created to follow fan favorite housewives.


Bravo fans anxiously waiting to find out who the new housewives would be were surprised with the official cast of RHONY season 14 at BravoCon. In addition to Lizzy, Brynn Whitfield, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, Sai De Silva, and Ubah Hassan were introduced as the newest socialities ready to take the Big Apple by storm. Many RHONY fans aren’t happy with Bravo’s choice of incoming housewives for several reasons and already have their eyes set on the rumored stars RHONY: Legacy. While Jenna’s casting was an interesting selection for those familiar with the fashion designer, it’s Lizzy’s addition that raises some eyebrows.

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Lizzy Savetsky Previously Criticized Bella Hadid Online

Lizzy is a self-described Zionist who uses her Instagram to advocate against anti-semitism and the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Bella Hadid, the half-Palestinian daughter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Yolanda Hadid, who has no plans to return, shared her support for Palestine on Instagram in March. Bella also expressed concern for Ukraine after the country was invaded by Russia in February, with Bella’s comments being published in that month’s Vogue magazine. In response to Bella’s interview, Lizzy condemned the model and magazine as antisemitic and edited the cover to feature statements like “Gigi Hadid [Bella’s sister] exploits Ukrainians in crisis to promote anti-Israel agenda which Vogue then echos.” Since the Israeli-Palestine conflict is a highly sensitive and complicated topic that almost no one can agree on, Bravo should consider avoiding the discussion on RHONY season 14.

Lizzy Savetsky Was Almost On The Real Housewives Of Dallas

Before Lizzy was selected for RHONY season 14, she was almost a housewife on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Lizzy and her family moved to Dallas in 2019 after spending some time in New York City. Before RHOD was put on pause in 2021 due to alleged racism against Tiffany Moon, Lizzy and Madelaine Lam filmed test scenes as potential housewives for RHOD season 6. Although the opportunity fell through, it’s apparent that Lizzy remained in contact with Bravo and resettled in New York, in part, to appear on RHONY. Were Bravo producers aware of Lizzy’s polarizing Instagram posts before they selected her for RHONY season 14, and if so, how much were they taken into account?

While there’s no doubt that Lizzy has an interesting background and high following as a fashion influencer, there is a lot of pressure on Bravo’s shoulders after the events of RHONY season 13 almost shelved the entire series. Although Real Housewives fans are used to watching big arguments go down, they’ve made it clear that they want the cast of RHONY season 14 to be nice, have fun, and provide the ridiculous entertainment they crave. That being said, viewers are holding RHONY season 14 at arm’s length, and depending on how Lizzy and her co-stars get along in 2023, RHONY: Legacy may find itself completely taking over.

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