Why Bachelor In Paradise Fans Love Brittany Galvin


Bachelor In Paradise star Brittany Galvin does not get much screen time, but she is nonetheless a fan favorite for her maturity and humor.

While she may not get as much screen time as some of the other contestants, Bachelor in Paradise star Brittany Galvin is quickly becoming a fan-favorite on season 8. Brittany was previously a contestant on The Bachelor season 25, led by Matt James. Brittany was a late arrival, meaning that she, along with four other women, did not arrive until week 3. Brittany was eliminated after two weeks after Anna Redman falsely accused her of being an escort.

Bachelor in Paradise fans do not know much about Brittany yet, but that has not stopped them from adoring her on season 8. Brittany got her first one-on-one ever when Peter Izzo from The Bachelorette season 18 came down to the beach and asked her to go on his date. Brittany expressed that she initially had high hopes for the date, although she later admitted that she knew Peter was not her person. Fans applauded Brittany for her honesty in addition to her being open to going on the date with Peter, to begin with.


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Bachelor In Paradise Fans Think Brittany Is Iconic

Apart from her maturity, many fans love Brittany as they find her to be hilarious and truly iconic. Although Brittany has not had much screen time yet, she has already dodged kisses from two men onscreen. Brittany avoided a kiss from Peter on their date in a similar manner that she dodged a kiss from Romeo Alexander. Fans applaud Brittany for staying true to her boundaries and taking it slow, which many contestants on Bachelor in Paradise often do not do. Fans also found it hilarious when she joked off camera that she “would rather get hit by a bus” than accept a rose from Romeo.

Another of Brittany’s admirable traits is her loyalty to her friends. When Romeo initially pursued her, Brittany had no problem being honest with Romeo and saying that it was not a good idea for them to talk as he was previously involved with her friend Jill Chin. Fans also like Brittany as she is drama free, which is rare when it comes to Bachelor in Paradise.

While Brittany has not had any concrete connections so far, fans suspect her time may be coming soon. Brittany accepted a rose at the first rose ceremony from Casey Woods, and clearly caught the attention of both Peter and Romeo. Brittany has most recently explored a connection with fan-favorite Andrew Spencer, who was recently rejected by Teddi Wright. However, with the Casa Amor twist coming up there are several new men that may have their eye on Brittany as well.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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