Why Aegon Has Short Hair in House of the Dragon, Explains Star


House of the Dragon star, Tom Glynn-Carney, explains why Prince Aegon II Targaryen had cut his hair short after the latest show’s time-jump.

Spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 9 below!

House of the Dragon star, Tom Glynn-Carney, recently explained why Prince Aegon II Targaryen has short hair. Set approximately 200 years prior to the events of HBO’s hit fantasy-drama series, Game of Thrones, the prequel show centers on the conflict within House Targaryen following King Viserys I Targaryen’s (Paddy Considine) decision to name his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock/Emma D’Arcy) heir to the Iron Throne. However, Ser Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) and members of the king’s Small Council plot against the king’s wishes and place Aegon (Glynn-Carney) on the throne instead, inciting a civil war.


Following House of the Dragon‘s latest time-jump, Aegon immediately stands out among the long silver-haired dragon-riding members of his family due to his short-hair. While much of his family and Velaryon cousins have their hair past their shoulders, Aegon’s hair has been cut far shorter in comparison. With no reasons given for his act, fans were left to speculate as to why Aegon would change what appears to be a traditional Valyrian hairstyle.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Glynn-Carney detailed why Aegon was given short hair following the House of the Dragon season 1’s last time-jump. The actor explained that he and showrunner Miguel Sapochnik discussed the aesthetic early on. Glynn-Carney admitted that the hairstyle was inspired by Aegon’s rejection of his family as the prince believes that “they hate him.” Read what the actor said below.

“That was from discussions Miguel and I had at the start. I was like, ‘I don’t want him to have long, luscious Targaryen locks, because he hates that.’ Like [his character’s brother] Aemond is completely reveling in it. Whereas Aegon just throws it away. He was like, ’Take it off!’ He doesn’t want to be defined by his family. He hates his family because — in his head — they hate him.”

What’s Next for King Aegon?

Aegon was raised by Viserys, a father he believes did not love him as he loved his daughter Rhaenyra, nor a king who wants Aegon to follow in his footsteps. If his father did not want the Prince to take his place on the throne, why should he want that for himself as well? Swimming at the bottom of a bottle in the dark reaches of King’s Landing, Aegon relished in his self-loathing until he was pushed into the limelight as the new ruler of the Seven Kingdoms following Viserys’ tragic death.

Although Aegon clearly did not want to sit on the Iron Throne, he appears to embrace his subjects’ adulation at his coronation. However, Glynn-Carney recently teased that Aegon’s inexperience and lack of preparation for the leadership role will cause him to make poor decisions as the Targaryen civil war commences. With House of the Dragon season 1 coming to an end, audiences will likely have to wait until season 2 to see Aegon truly come into his own as the King of Westeros.

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