Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Amy Slaton is a Good Mother


1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton has gotten shade from viewers, but a lot of people who watch the show know that she’s trying to be a good mother.

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton Halterman has a lot of fans, and her supporters think that she’s doing the best she can for her children. From her initial weight loss, to her wedding to husband Michael Halterman, she has had highs and lows. Now, fans enjoy seeing her parent Gage, 2, and 3-month-old Glenn. Viewers are also pleased that Amy’s quality of life has improved. While some people weren’t sure how motherhood would change Amy (or whether she would be able to handle it), most fans were excited to see Amy tackling parenting in the public eye, while also managing her weight. Although it has not been easy all the time, it is clear that Amy loves being a mom to her two boys.


Amy from 1000-lb Sisters is proving her haters wrong in many aspects of her life, especially motherhood. Many felt that Amy would repeat her family’s mistakes with her sons, believing that they would inevitably develop addictive habits, much like their mother. Others felt that Amy would not be able to handle the pressure that comes with having two young children, especially considering the fact that her doctors said that she shouldn’t have a second child so quickly after undergoing bariatric surgery. While fans have been quick to judge Amy’s abilities, she has already managed to prove that she is being the best parent possible, whether she’s taking her brood to the pumpkin patch, as seen above, or just cuddling with the kids at home.

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1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Shares Her Kids’ Milestones

Amy is always quick to share photos of her boys, especially when it comes to major milestones. She has posted photos of both her boys (month-to-month in their first years), and clearly enjoys engaging with her fans. Her followers, in turn, obviously enjoy watching Amy add updates on social media about Gage and Glenn, as they are uncharacteristically kind when it comes to her kids.

1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Values & Fosters Creativity

While many of her posts are about her sons’ growth, Amy also shares their creativity. It is clear that Amy loves watching them create, as she has posted Gage’s artwork. Fans even pointed out that she added the date along the side of the page, which they believe means she plans to hold onto the page that he colored. Recently, Amy has been posting quite a bit about her own creative outlet on Instagram, by sharing some incredible resin art that she’s made.

1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Makes Time for Her Relationships

Most people will agree that finding time alone with your partner when you have children can be difficult. Even with two boys to raise, Amy and her husband, Michael, have made time for each other. They prioritize their relationship, which will ultimately lead to them being better parents. While some fans do not like Michael, it is clear that he is an important element of her life, as she has shared several photos of the two of them in recent weeks.

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