Which Derry Girls Character Are You, According To The Zodiac?


Warning: The following contains spoilers for Derry Girls Season 3.

Season 3 of Derry Girls marks the end of the series for Netflix, and viewers have fallen in love with the adventures of Erin and her friends and family. On the surface, this show is pure comedy, delivering laugh after laugh. Underneath, though, the storylines chart the complicated path of coming of age, especially in a war-torn time.

The show boasts a wide cast of characters with many fascinating personality traits. Their individual, quirky behaviors not only run the gamut of comedy, but they also cover the various aspects of the zodiac, from fiery, impulsive Leo to quiet peacekeeper Libra.


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With the final season of Derry Girls making its way to Netflix, fans have watched the titular characters grow up. The final season didn’t introduce many new characters, but it did give a satisfying conclusion to the show with its additional special episode. It allowed for the audience to see new layers to the characters, like Erin’s mother being interested in going back to school, or the reveal that Michelle and Erin might not always be on the same side of Irish politics.

Aries – Grandpa Joe

There are few things that the first fire sign of the zodiac loves more than a good fight. Grandpa Joe will argue with anyone, whether it is his son-in-law, the woman who may or may not have used witchcraft to cheat at bingo, or the photo shop attendant who fancies his daughter.

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Like many Aries, Grandpa Joe keeps score of all his little victories because he approaches life as a series of games, and he intends on taking the high score. Yet, despite his bluster, Joe always stands up for his family, whether against the IRA or rogue polar bears.

Taurus – Ma Mary

One sure-fire way to locate a Taurus is to ask who spends the most time at home. Even though Ma Mary is a caretaker by nature who can’t stand to do a half-load of laundry, that doesn’t mean she is a pushover. As Erin knows, her mother isn’t afraid to “fetch the wooden spoon,” to keep order in her house.

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Ma Mary displays the stubborn attitude and long memory of a Taurus when she rejects her father’s new girlfriend or tries to take her mother’s earrings off of her dead aunt at her wake. She may hold a grudge, but she’s the heart of her family.

Gemini – Aunt Sarah And Father Peter

No matter how old they are, the free spirit of a Gemini always needs a chaperone, and Aunt Sarah is not usually allowed to go off by herself. Whether she’s upset about the bridge bombing interrupting her tan or planning her television debut on local access news, Sarah is spontaneous and extroverted. Like many Geminis, she seems to have a sixth sense for collecting gossip and knows a little bit about everything. Sarah might walk to the beat of her own drum, but her presence lights up every room.

It might not appear that Father Peter and Sarah have much in common. They both, however, do manage to become the center of social situations without even trying. Like Sarah, Father Peter has an extroverted nature. He’s the first to reach out to others and to attempt to find a place to fit in when he makes the move to Derry. He adapts quickly to the new situations he finds himself in and tries his best to keep the teens in his care engaged in spiritual practices.

Cancer – Da Gerry

Cancers feel for everyone. They want to take care of others, as Gerry does when organizing food at the wake or reassuring any member of his family when they are down. However, because they do so much for others, automatically, they are often unappreciated. This is typical of how Gerry is constantly supporting others, even Joe.

Cancers have very few boundaries, but when they are tested, they will push back, reminding others to treat them right in return for all they do to make others’ lives better, and together with his wife, they have one of the best families on television.

Leo – Michelle Mallon

Two immediate signs of a Leo are a glorious mane of hair and the need to be the center of attention. From her first appearance, with a shout of “Hello, Motherf*%#$!#@!,” Michelle is dramatic. She’s impulsive, never hesitating to break the rules.

Full of energy, Michelle is at her best surrounded by friends, the extrovert who is the staple in teen comedies. She is not at all shy, she’ll show interest in a priest, a guy she thinks doesn’t speak English, or even pretend to be the school’s lesbian. However, even though she likes attention, she will give her friends the spotlight when they need it.

Virgo – Clare Devlin

This sign has a million ideas per second. Clare is always thinking and talking. She is always trying to do what she thinks is right, whether that is raising money for charities or arguing for peace. Like most Virgos, breaking the rules is her second-worst nightmare, right after being caught breaking the rules.

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She is a natural organizer but tends to spiral things out of proportion, especially if it is something that might go on her permanent record. Still, if it comes between her friends and the rules, she’ll choose her friends every time.

Libra – James Maguire And Aisling

Libras have the ability to see an issue from all sides, which also makes it hard for them to be decisive. James is quiet and outnumbered both by the girls and the larger Irish population who surround him. Libras seek out equilibrium, and James finds balance, even in an all-girls school. James doesn’t bring up his own feelings often. He hides the hurt his mother caused him but has come to realize his true place in Derry. Many of the best coming-of-age stories focus on the ladies, so it’s nice to have James in the mix as well.

Libras, like Geminis, are social creatures. They get their best work done when part of a partnership or group. James finds a place for himself in helping with the schemes of the girls that become his closest friends. Aisling has the same with Jenny Joyce. Aisling is rarely seen in Derry without Jenny. At first, she appears to be something of a sidekick, performing backup for all of Jenny’s skits and songs at school, but she appears to truly enjoy playing the music for her best friend’s songs. Likewise, she doesn’t go along with everything Jenny wants, as she’s the one to get up and decide to skip school when President Clinton pays a visit to Derry, while Jenny is still debating what to do.

Scorpio – Sister Michael

All true Scorpios are 100% okay with an awkward silence and 0% okay with displays of emotion. Sister Michael’s piercing stare makes it difficult to tell when she is being serious or when she is joking. She takes judo and lives a full life outside of the school and church, but she keeps her secrets under her habit.

As with many Scorpios, she doesn’t display her true feelings often, preferring to guide her students by encouraging them to explore their own identities. She may like to keep order in the school, but she isn’t above secretly smiling at Erin’s various rebellions.

Sagittarius – Orla McCool

As a Sagittarius, Orla is energetic, never doubting herself or her ideas, even if the ambition is to practice professional step-aerobics or to ask her grandpa to be her prom date. She is painfully honest – she admits to stealing Erin’s diary but insists she can’t give it back until she’s done.

On the negative end, Orla displays the Sagittarian penchant for recklessness and impulsive behavior, not thinking twice before jumping into something that seems like an adventure. She can be careless (as when she glues the statue’s head on upside down), but she is loyal and will follow her friends down any path.

Capricorn – Jenny Joyce And Mae

Like Jenny, this sign has been a full-grown adult since six. She is driven by the need for success, always taking the lead in class projects and dance committees. Her personality is a performance, whether she is singing yet another ballad on the school stage or lobbying for the prom queen vote. Jenny longs to be seen as important and might even qualify as the television show’s mean girl. Capricorns like to accumulate knowledge and power. Jenny seeks to widen her experiences with trips abroad or collecting pen pals, but she also enjoys being the queen of her little school kingdom.

When Mae joins the school in Season 2, she and Jenny immediately clash. That’s because they have a lot of the same personality traits, like the need to be the first choice in everything. Their ambition and drive can lead them to want something as simple as the same dress for prom. The big difference between them is that Jenny is carefully polite, even as she’s shutting Erin and her friends out, while Mae is more overtly hostile, going after what she wants.

Aquarius – Erin Quinn

Erin, like most Aquarians, values personal freedom highly. She appreciates the idea of humanity more as a concept than in reality. Her rebellious and independent spirit frequently puts her at odds with those around her, even her friends.

Aquarians need time alone to recharge, but she rarely finds it since Orla has a habit of reading Erin’s diary. Erin recognizes her prickly nature, but has a hard time apologizing even when she knows she’s in the wrong. Despite her occasional awkwardness, her big ideas and bigger heart come through in the end.

Pisces – Uncle Colm

Colm is typical of his zodiac sign in that he manages to have the personality of both a 5 and a 50-year-old. Like a child, he has trouble reading his audience, but the content of his long conversations is more suited to a nursing home.

In tune with psychic abilities, Pisces tend to think nearly everything is some kind of sign, just as Colm believes the twinge in his knee might connect with someone dropping dead at bingo. Like his sign, Colm lives in his own world and as a consequence is never bored, though it might be a different story for those around him.

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