Where You Know Longmire’s Robert Taylor: A Guide To The Australian Star’s Career


Robert Taylor is an Australian actor best known for playing the title character in Longmire, but here’s a guide to his other movies and TV roles.

Here’s a guide to the career of Australian actor and Longmire star Robert Taylor. Before becoming an actor, Taylor had several careers, including working in a mine and an oil rig. He began his acting career in the late ’80s, appearing on shows such as The Flying Doctors, the TV movie Brotherhood Of The Rose – penned by First Blood/Rambo creator David Morrell – and classic Australian soap Home And Away. After a role in cult British crime series Yellowthread Street, Taylor fronted the hit Australian miniseries The Feds as Superintendent Dave Griffin. The show followed the Australian Federal Police as they tackled various crimes, with The Feds running from 1993 to 1996.


Much of Robert Taylor’s work in the years that followed were for television, including an episode of Flipper and CBS sequel series The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years; he also appeared in a 1999 episode of long-running police drama Blue Heelers. 1999 was also the year Taylor appeared in groundbreaking action movie The Matrix, playing Agent Jones. While Taylor’s role isn’t as notable as Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith, Jones is on the receiving end of Trinity’s classic “Dodge this” quip.

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The movie appears to have given Robert Taylor’s career a boost with international audiences. He followed up the movie with 2000 blockbuster Vertical Limit with Chris O’Donnell and Bill Paxton and took over the lead role in the final season of hit Irish drama Ballykissangel as Father Vincent Sheahan. Taylor often switched between movies and TV during this era, appearing in Heath Ledger’s Ned Kelly in 2003 and the miniseries Hercules. He amassed many genre film credits too, including creature feature Rogue and horror remake Long Weekend. After more work in Australian television – such as 2011’s Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer was Here – Taylor landed his best-known role as the title character in Longmire.

Robert Taylor’s Other Movie & TV Credits

Longmire – which had a great finale – is based on a series of novels and follows Taylor’s Walt Longmire, a Wyoming sheriff. Taylor was praised for his stoic turn, with the show co-starring The Mandalorian’s Katee Sackhoff as his deputy Vic. Despite healthy ratings, Longmire was canceled by A&E after the third season, but Netflix later picked it up for a further three series before it ended in 2017. During his time on Longmire, Robert Taylor also had an appearance on TV spin-off Wolf Creek – based on the harrowing film franchise – and a badly received remake of the cult 1982 movie Turkey Shoot.

Following the end of Longmire, Robert Taylor has mostly appeared in movies. He played Dr. Heller in the 2018 blockbuster The Meg, gory horror Blood Vessel and Frank Grillo’s action movie Into The Ashes. Most recently, Taylor appeared in the acclaimed 2021 miniseries The Newsreader.

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