Where To Find (& Kill) Larva In Grounded


Larvae are hostile insects players will encounter while exploring the Backyard in Grounded. They are about the same size as the characters and can be identified by their pincers and spiky sides. This insect acts as a step-up in difficulty from a Red Worker Ant but can easily overwhelm newer players. While they may not be as tough as Spiders in Grounded, Larvae tend to be found in large groups.

Depending on how they play the game, players may first encounter this insect while using a Shovel, trying to dig up a Grub. The Larva will sometimes burrow underground and look identical to Grubs. Players can also find groups of 10 or more Larvae while exploring certain regions of the Backyard. They live in caves and are most active at night, but a few will venture above ground during the day. These aggressive insects attack by biting players and can quickly kill characters wearing starting armor.


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Larvae can be found in the Central Grasslands, Eastern Flooded Zone, Hedge MIX.R, and Larva Cave. These areas are located near the center of the Backyard, safe from some of the more dangerous enemies. Like many other creatures, such as Gnats in Grounded, there are two variants of the Larva. These include the Infected Larva, found in the Haze, and Ladybird Larva, located in the BBQ Spill, the Northern Grasslands, and the Shed Surroundings. Both variants are extremely deadly and can easily kill any unprepared player.

How To Effectively Hunt Larva in Grounded

Hunting Larvae can be tricky, especially when players first start in Grounded. These insects can quickly overwhelm players with their large numbers. Luckily, the game has provided the tools necessary to handle this situation. As demonstrated by YouTuber Soup Canwell, players can use Pebblets to stun Larva. Since the insects tend to roam in groups, luring one or two away and stunning them is a perfect way to stop their aggressive attacks. Larvae are resistant to Chopping damage, so attacking with a Spear might be the best idea.

Parts from these Insects are needed to craft Red Ant Armor in Grounded, which should be one of the first goals for players. Upgrading gear is vital to progression, as enemies have different difficulty tiers. For example, a tier-two enemy hits significantly harder than a tier-one enemy. When killed, a Larva has a chance to drop an Acid Gland and a Larva Spike.

Players should always be searching for ways to improve their combat effectiveness. While gathering and base-building are a significant part of the game, progress tends to be locked behind defeating the next powerful foe. Players will not always have the best gear when fighting enemies, as is the case when first encountering Larvae. These insects are a great way to practice combat strategies early on in Grounded​​.

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Source: Soup Canwell/YouTube


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