What Was Halloween Ends Thinking With Lindsey?!


Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Halloween Ends!Kyle Richards reprises her role as Lindsey Wallace in Halloween Ends, but unfortunately, the franchise entry fails the character. Halloween Ends marks the end of David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot trilogy, concluding the conflict between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. After starring in John Carpenter’s original Halloween in 1978 as the young girl Annie Brackett was babysitting, Richards made her grand return for 2021’s Halloween Kills. As an original survivor of Michael Myers, Lindsey came face-to-face with The Shape 40 years later, but she managed to survive the encounter.


What started as a celebration of survival in Halloween Kills turned into horror when Michael Myers went on another rampage through Haddonfield. Though other original characters like Tommy Doyle, Marion Chambers, and Lonnie Elam were murdered, Lindsey survived, allowing Richards to return in Halloween Ends. As a key ally of Laurie’s, there was hope Lindsey would have a crucial role in the 2022 movie. Instead of giving the character anything to do in the sequel, Halloween Ends treats Lindsey Wallace like an afterthought. It’s unclear why Halloween Ends decided not to fully utilize Richards considering how the studio hyped up her return in the Halloween reboot trilogy’s last entry, but the character certainly deserved more.

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How Halloween Ends Wastes Lindsey Wallace

In 1978, Laurie took over babysitting Lindsey on Halloween night and ended up saving the young girl’s life. Decades later, Lindsey had the chance to help accomplish what Laurie had always wanted: to find and kill Michael Myers. Fast-forward four years in Halloween Ends and both Laurie and Lindsey are attempting to live semi-normal lives. However, they are both prepared for Michael’s inevitable return as they watch Haddonfield continue to suffer from trauma and paranoia. Though Lindsey is seen alongside Laurie in a few scenes, ensuring their continued friendship, Halloween Ends completely wastes the character’s potential.

Halloween Ends reveals that Lindsey is a bartender at a local establishment that Laurie and Allyson both frequent. She also seems to spend a lot of time at Laurie’s house. While Laurie is busy carving a pumpkin, a sequence reminiscent of the 1978 original Halloween scene with Curtis’ character doing the same with Tommy and Lindsey, Lindsey is doing a tarot card reading with Allyson. Other than showing support for Allyson and leading Laurie to Jeremy Allen’s father, who has a warning about Corey Cunningham, Lindsey’s scenes are brief and forgettable. In fact, Lindsey isn’t even involved in Halloween Ends‘ third act, which is a shame because the previous sequel set her up as a key player willing to fight to end Michael Myers in the concluding chapter.

Why Lindsey Deserved More In Halloween Ends

While it’s understandable that Lindsey wouldn’t be as pivotal as Laurie or Allyson, she also deserved a satisfying ending in Halloween Ends. Aside from Michael Myers and Laurie, Lindsey is the only other original character to appear in the 2022 sequel. Like others in Haddonfield, Lindsey has suffered immensely for decades, but she also experienced direct trauma because of Michael Myers. Not only did he kill her babysitter and dog, but the masked killer turned her family home into a slaughterhouse. 40 years later, the same man killed some of her closest friends before putting her in the hospital.

If anyone else besides Laurie and Allyson deserved personal closure, it’s Lindsey. It would have been fitting for Lindsey to be present for the final moments of the kitchen scene, which features Michael Myers die at the hands of Laurie. Even having her in the car with Laurie and Allyson in the procession scene could have been satisfying. Instead, Halloween Ends acts like Lindsey Wallace is a throwaway side character even though she has proven her willingness to fight against evil.

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