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Polestar has entered the electric SUV segment with the Polestar 3, which boasts more driving range, frequent software updates, and lots more. Volvo subsidiary, Polestar already offers two vehicles for sale, the Polestar 1 (plug-in hybrid vehicle) and Polestar 2 (all-electric). The Polestar 3 will be the brand’s second electric vehicle and third all-time product. The Polestar 2 has already established itself as a fascinating electric sedan with up to 270 miles of range, DC fast charging, and more perks. In March this year, Polestar announced a single-motor variant of the Polestar 2. While the model initially sells for $45,900, buyers could get it for around $33,400 due to the federal tax credit policy.


The electric SUV scene is already heated with competition from Rivian, Tesla, BMW and others. With EVs gradually gaining momentum in the market, consumers may now have a sea of options to choose from. Rivian offers the R1S, while Tesla has both the Model X and Model Y in its portfolio. Meanwhile, the BMW iX comes in two options: the XDrive50, for anyone looking to experience driving an electric SUV, and the M60, which promises more grit.

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There’s much to expect from Polestar aside from the SUV. Two months ago, it disclosed plans to build an O2 concept battery-electric roadster in 2026. The vehicle will be called the Polestar 6. Additionally, Polestar may be the first automaker to deliver the world’s first carbon-neutral vehicle. According to Polestar, the SUV’s exterior is “defined by sculpted surfaces, discreet details, and optimized aerodynamics for a sleeker, more technical look.” The SUV also comes with a “sizable, yet sleek” roofline. Buyers can get it in various colors like Magnesium, Jupiter, Thunder, Space and more. Finally, although the headlights’ design reflects minimalism, they’re capable of high illumination.

Longer Range, Frequent OTA Updates And More

The Polestar 3 has been designed to lower body roll while delivering a unique and steady drive. There will be two vehicle types for sale — the Long Range Dual Motor (with Performance pack) and Long Range Dual Motor (no Performance pack). While the former offers up to 347 miles of range, the latter is more range-efficient and can travel up to 379 miles. Compared to the Model Y Long Range (318 miles) and Performance (303 miles) models, the Polestar 3 comes out on top. Polestar’s first SUV also outmatches the Model X (330 miles) in terms of range.

The Polestar 3 comes with Google Built-in services, following a partnership with Google. The SUV’s infotainment system runs on Android Automotive OS, which links the driver, vehicle and the internet. Drivers of the Polestar 3 will enjoy regular over-the-air software updates to keep its apps and the car running well. In addition, the Polestar EV will feature twelve ultrasonic sensors, five radars, five cameras and two driver monitoring sensors as part of its security architecture. This is an interesting move, as Tesla, a major rival, confirmed that it will withdraw ultrasonic sensors from its EVs.

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