What Happened To The Briney Family After Seeking Sister Wife Season 1


Seeking Sister Wife fans were introduced to the Briney family during the inaugural season of the hit TLC series, and many fans are curious to see what the large family has been up to since their dramatic departure from the show. Drew Briney and his three wives, April, Auralee, and Angela, were all fundamentalist Mormons and had long-lived a plural lifestyle, raising their 13 children together in Utah. While the family seemed stable, their time after Seeking Sister Wife has been filled with a lot of drama.


Before appearing on Seeking Sister Wife season 1, Drew and April Briney, who’s up to a lot now, had been married for over 20 years and had eight children together. While he did not grow up Mormon, Drew explained that he had an interest in religion as a child and was drawn to Mormonism, studying the religion and its ideas on plural marriage, embraced by Seeking Sister Wife stars. Drew would eventually convince April to embrace polygamy, and he would soon meet and marry his second wife, Auralee, after only eight months of dating. Together, they would go on to have six children. Drew then married his third wife, Angela, after knowing her for only thirteen days. Angela welcomed Drew’s fifteenth child, Leonardo Vincenzo.

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Seeking Sister Wife’s Drew Briney Divorces His First Wife April

While on Seeking Sister Wife season 1, with Drew, the Briney family documented their experiences as a polygamist family living in Utah, a state where this is against the law. The family revealed they were taking a huge risk by appearing on the TLC show while living in Utah, where many people disapprove of the polygamist lifestyle, like Steve’s daughter from Seeking Sister Wife. This is why the Brineys decided to leave Utah behind and relocate to Oregon, a state more accepting of their polygamist lifestyle. While on Seeking Sister Wife, April indicated that she was interested in pursuing a life separate from her complicated family; however, the Briney family appeared to be functioning pretty well.

Unfortunately, things would fall apart for the Briney family after their appearance on Seeking Sister Wife season 1. While filming Seeking Sister Wife season 2, Drew, who is married to Auralee from Seeking Sister Wife, filed for divorce from his first wife, April, after she abruptly left the family. According to divorce documents exclusively obtained by InTouch, Drew filed for divorce on June 1, 2018. In the filing, Drew said that April had unexpectedly moved their six underage children, Jasher, Jacob, Brielle, Jocelyn, Kyra, and Keilana, back to Utah, ultimately leaving Drew and the rest of their family behind. While Seeking Sister Wife season 2 originally intended to feature the family, they were quickly removed from the cast at the last minute following April’s sudden departure.

Since the family’s divorce from April, Drew and his other wives, Auralee and Angela, from Seeking Sister Wife, have lived a more private life, opting to post less on social media and deleting their Briney Family Blog and website. Drew is an accomplished author and has written two number 1 best-selling books, Unproven and 5 Blades, as well as four other science fiction and fantasy novels. April has been a lot more open about her life since her divorce from the polygamist family and departure from Seeking Sister Wife, sharing special family moments on her Instagram and embracing her newfound freedom.

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