What Does An Unviewed Story Mean On Snapchat?


Users that have received a notification from Snapchat about an ‘Unviewed Story’ can find out why they received the alert and what to do next.

Is Snapchat’s notification of an ‘Unviewed Story’ a little confusing? Like many apps, Snapchat sends alerts to its users, letting them know of an event or interaction related to their account. But that doesn’t mean the individuals understand what they need to do or exactly what Snapchat is informing them.

Snapchat has been creative in keeping users on its platform. First, the introduction of Snapchat+, a paid subscription that leveraged exclusive features, and the first chance to gain new tools to gain and keep users. Recent updates included interactive stickers, so users could ask questions and get responses, and new widgets, so the app is always a tap away. Snapchat drops other capabilities behind the scenes. One of these functions is the ‘Unviewed Story’ alert. This new notification is causing a bit of confusion among users. Understandably, individuals are getting the idea that someone has ‘Unviewed’ their own story and lost a number of their rising views. Luckily, this unfavorable scenario isn’t the case.


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When Snapchat sends an alert indicating an ‘Unviewed Story,’ they inform the user that one of their friends has a story posted that the user has not seen yet. Why does it matter? Well, Snapchat Stories only last for 24 hours. Once the time has lapsed since its upload, it will disappear into oblivion, and the user will no longer get a chance to see it. So don’t let the Super BFF down by forgetting to check out their post. When the alert appears on the phone, simply tap it, and the app will instantly open to the story.

How To Turn Off Snapchat’s Story Alerts

Some users may not care about stories or don’t want to have their phones congested with alerts. It is easy to cut off the ‘Unviewed Story’ notification. First, open Snapchat and tap the Profile icon, or Bitmoji, at the screen top left. Next, tap the Settings icon or gear at the top right. Find and select the ‘Notifications’ menu. Turn off the ‘Stories from Friends’ setting, and no more pesky alerts.

Of course, if a Snapchat user worries about losing a Snap Streak with another user, it would probably be wise not to turn off the alert. While the story doesn’t keep the streak going, interacting with the friend after viewing their post will. Another way for individuals to ensure they never miss a Snap from their friends is to activate the new lock screen widget for iPhone users.

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