What Actually Happened To Hulk On Sakaar?! Every MCU Theory


She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s shocking finale introduced Hulk’s son, Skaar, to the MCU, leading many to now wonder what exactly happened to Hulk during his time on Sakaar. The planet of Sakaar has come up a handful of times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most notably in Thor: Ragnarok when Thor rescues Hulk from Sakaar, where he is trapped solely in his Hulk form and forced to perform as a gladiator for the bemusement of the Grandmaster. Little more is said about the planet until She-Hulk episode 1 when a Sakaarian spaceship causes Jennifer Walters to crash her car, setting the entire series into motion.


While Bruce Banner/Hulk has not spoken much about his time on Sakaar, it is reasonable to assume it was not a pleasant experience. Once Thor helped him to return to his form as Bruce Banner, and he realized that he had injured or even killed people purely for entertainment, Hulk was ashamed and angered. While it is not explicitly stated how or why he was kept in his Hulk form on Sakaar, it is explained that time passes differently on Sakaar. This means that while in Earth-years he was only on Sakaar for two years, Bruce was the Hulk for thousands of years, as per Sakaar’s relative timeline. This could also explain Skaar’s teenage appearance when Hulk introduced him at the end of She-Hulk’s finale. The introduction of Skaar clearly shows that more happened to Hulk during his time on Sakaar than audiences previously thought. Within that span of time, Hulk may have also developed a romantic relationship – possibly before Thor helped him transform back into Bruce Banner and escape Sakaar.

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Why Hulk Would Go Back To Sakaar After What Happened To Him

When the Sakaarian spaceship appeared in She-Hulk fans theorized that it was connected to Hulk’s time on the planet. When Hulk is next shown, he is on the spaceship heading for an unknown location which was presumed to be Sakaar itself. While it is a possibility that Hulk returned to Sakaar after the events of Ragnarök and before the events of She-Hulk, it is also possible that he hadn’t stepped foot on the planet due to the trauma it caused him. Something – or someone – very near and dear to his heart would have to convince him to go back. At the end of She-Hulk episode 9, Hulk states that he knows he has been gone for a while on Sakaar and that’s a story for another time. Then he proceeds to introduce his son, who is dressed similarly to Hulk’s Sakaarian gladiator gear seen in Ragnarök. It is likely that Hulk did not know that Skaar even existed until Skaar himself sent a spaceship to Earth in an attempt to contact his father.

Didn’t Hulk Say It Would Be “Impossible” For Him To Have Children?

One lingering problem is that in 2015’s Age of Ultron, Hulk discusses the possibility of children with his then-lover Natasha Romanoff. While he had only a short-lived romance with Black Widow, the Age of Ultron storyline revealed his desire to have children but his inability to do so. He confessed that it would be impossible for him to have children and “to do the math.” While this could be taken literally, especially since he uses the word impossible (and it is quickly followed up by Natasha’s own confession of her sterilization in the Red Room), this could also be taken figuratively. Bruce Banner is reeling from the world seeing the Hulk as a monster and causing destruction. He doesn’t want to risk ever bringing another child into the world that may also be perceived the same way or face the same problems. This is supported by the popular World War Hulk comic storyline in which Hulk does have a relationship with a woman named Caiera on Sakaar. If the MCU follows the comics, this would mean that Caiera is Skaar’s mother.

Skaar, Caiera, and the future of World War Hulk

Audiences have been hopeful for a World War Hulk story in the MCU ever since Hulk’s debut in 2008. The storyline was teased with the introduction of Sakaar in Ragnarök, though it deviated from the original story since the focus was instead placed on Thor. Seeing as the MCU has since deviated from the traditional World War Hulk storyline (though not necessarily abandoning it completely), it is not clear where Skaar will fit into the MCU. Because Hulk returned from Sakaar with his son without Caiera (or any other mother figure), it could be possible that Caiera has died, which is what prompted Skaar to seek out Hulk in the first place. No new Hulk projects have been officially announced by Marvel, so it is still unclear what direction this will take Hulk’s storyline although Jen Walter’s herself teased that Marvel may release a proper Hulk movie soon in a conversation with the AI creation K.E.V.I.N., a metatextual nod to Kevin Feige, when he insisted on keeping Hulk in the finale. To this, She-Hulk laughed, claiming he should “save it for the movie.

Hulk’s son was one of many surprises in the season finale of She-Hulk and certainly a big one to unpack. It appears that with the introduction of Skaar, there will finally be some clarity about what truly happened during Hulk’s time on Sakaar, further expanding on Hulk’s character who has largely remained a mystery, despite his 15 years of involvement in the MCU. While it remains to be seen what Skaar’s involvement in the MCU will be – as well as if or when he will appear in future storylines – the reveal of Skaar was nonetheless an exciting way to end the first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

All episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are now streaming on Disney+.

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