Werewolf By Night Sets Up Wolverine & Hulk’s First Fight


A small Easter egg in Marvel Studios’ Werewolf By Night points to a potential introduction for Wolverine that stays true to his Marvel Comic debut.

Marvel Studios’ Werewolf By Night might have just set up a fight between the MCU’s Hulk and Wolverine. The first Special Presentation to come from Marvel Studios premiered on October 7, 2022, and contained several Easter eggs that not only connect to the MCU’s past but also suggest some future storylines. One such Easter egg debuts a Marvel character that points to a potential introduction for Wolverine in a story that can stay very true to the comics.


During the introduction to Bloodstone Manor, the setting for the hunt for Man-Thing in Werewolf By Night, an image of an archer battling a Wendigo is featured. This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment might not seem significant, but during Wolverine’s first full debut in Marvel Comics’ 1974 issue of Incredible Hulk #181, he found himself in a three-way fight with a Wendigo and the Hulk. Since Wolverine has already been teased a couple of times during She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and a Wendigo has now appeared in the MCU canon, the door is open to feature this fight on the big screen.

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Hulk vs Wolverine: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Throughout their histories in Marvel Comics, the two powerful superheroes have had a tumultuous relationship, going toe-to-toe several times even though they’re both heroes often fighting for the same team. Any battle between the Hulk and Wolverine is a battle of titans. Wolverine’s introduction in Marvel Comics saw him entering the universe in a blaze, taking on both the Hulk and a Wendigo in the Canadian wilderness, although he soon realized even his adamantium claws couldn’t penetrate the Hulk’s skin (this has since changed in many consequent stories). As the pair have continued to face off, there have been many occasions where the Hulk has triumphed over Wolverine, such as in one case where the Hulk literally tore Wolverine in half.

But if Logan, a.k.a. the Wolverine joins the MCU soon in a battle with the Hulk, it’s likely that he would be the victor, especially since Smart Hulk, the current version of the character, often finds it difficult to access the rage that makes him such a strong fighter. There is speculation that the Hulk will be returning to his original form in a potential World War Hulk project, which could see the character regain the strength it would take to battle the Wolverine and win. It’s unknown whether Wolverine will be an ally to the Hulk when he eventually joins the MCU, but with such a rich history in the comics of the characters being frenemies, audiences are sure to see at least one battle between the big green brawler and the clawed mutant.

How The MCU Is Setting Up Its Own Version Of Wolverine

The final episode of Ms. Marvel on Disney+ and an intense journey to another reality in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revealed that mutants are finally coming to the MCU, but She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has teased Wolverine specifically. Rather than having the character arrive in a blaze of glory, the introduction of Wolverine is more of a slow-burn, first hinted at during She-Hulk episode 2, “Superhuman Law,” which sees Jen’s computer reference a “man [who] fights with metal claws in bar brawl.” Another tease followed in episode 8, “Ribbit and Rip It,” during which Nikki springs from the bedroom holding makeup brushes between her fingers reminiscent of Wolverine’s claws. It’s been revealed that Hugh Jackman will be returning as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3 film, but it’s likely that he won’t be portraying the MCU proper’s version of the character, so there’s still plenty of time to properly set up the much-loved hero.

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