Video Shows Blueface In Bed With His Kids’ Mother While Chrisean Rock Posts Sexual Acts With Him


Blueface is giving video vixen energy with multiple cameos over the last 24-ish hours! Folks online have seen him swapping saliva with a mystery woman, piping Chrisean Rock and rolling over in the bed of his children’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis.

Things started to unravel between the on-again, off-again pair Blueface and Chrisean early Sunday (Oct. 2). While on Instagram Live, Chrisean admitted to breaking everything in her hotel room after a fight with Blueface about infidelity with other women. She even showed a photo of the rapper’s recently born daughter with Jaidyn.

The mother of two seemingly responded to Chrisean’s posts with a screenshot text that reads, “happy birthday, baby I love you, ima come see you today.” However, it’s unclear if the text was from Blueface.

Video Shows Blueface Swapping Saliva With Mystery Woman, Chrisean Ends Relationship

Following Chrisean’s live stream, a video surfaced online of Blueface flicking tounges, sharing a meal, and riding around with a mystery woman.

Chrisean wasted no time in reclaiming her time. First, the rising rapper took to Twitter to declare her singledom. You’ll recall she previously tweeted that Blueface popped the girlfriend question on Aug. 10. But it looks like the icy blonde mystery woman moment was her breaking point on Sunday.

“Y’all can have him. ChriseanRock is single,” she tweeted. “Chrisean you are enough.”

Blueface Claims Bachelor Status, Mystery Woman Explains How She Bagged Him 

Blueface didn’t let Chrisean have the last tweet. Instead, he egged on conversations about his alleged cheating ways.

“I ain’t never been single I always kept a couple,” Blueface tweeted.

Chrisean Rock clapped back with a subliminal tweet saying, “u gon wish u only kept this one tho.” She continued to share subliminals to her Twitter account, including words about “leveling up.”

Meanwhile, sometime on Sunday, the mystery woman gave details on what led to her encounters with Blueface.

“I just DM’ed him one time and I was like I’m trying to be on Blue Girls Club and that was it,” she said on Instagram Live. “That’s how it happened. Just like that.”

Chrisean Claims To Be Blueface’s “Best Friend N Bread Winner,” Posts Sexual Acts With Him Online

The saga leaked into Monday (Oct. 3), with Rock continuing to speak about her relationship with Blueface. Rock went from breadwinner in one tweet to great partner in another–all while sticking to her singledom.

“It’s not that we are a couple it’s we are great partners wen it come to money,” Chrisean tweeted. “I’m loyal to the ppl that’s present for me. I conditionally love Blue. I’m just a great a** friend with great a** p*ssy n got a great plan with a n***a dats da only thing that matters #GodsPlan”

Chrisean Posts Sex Videos Featuring Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis Reveals Blueface In Bed With Her

By midday Monday, Chrisean and Blueface were trending topics, mainly after Chrisean went OnlyFans on the Twitter timeline. The rapper posted a short clip of her riding Blueface’s shlong with the caption, “the luckiest man alive.”

She later deleted the video, but social media users say she also shared sexual clips on her Instagram. Rock also confirmed the sexual acts were recent.

Meanwhile, Jaidyn Alexis stirred the pot with her own lil’ video. The mother of two posted a video to her Instagram Story featuring the man of the hour. She asks Blueface, “ay cuz you good or you sleep?” He lifts his head from Jaidyn’s pillow long enough to see that she’s recording him.

“You good cuz? What’s up? It’s a lot of sh*t going on, you know that? There’s a lot of sh*t going on. Finna beat yo a*s. Get yo a*s up, the f**k,” Jaidyn said.

In a change of pace, Chrisean gave a limited response to Jaidyn’s messy reveal. Instead of ranting, the rapper retweeted a comment on the situation.

And that’s that, guess we’ll have to see what Tuesday brings!


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