Twilight: One Meme That Perfectly Sums Up Each Main Character


Kristen Stewart recently starred in the film by the acclaimed director David Cronenberg Crimes of the Future, proving that her days acting in Twilight are long gone. Ever since the successful franchise, Stewart has aimed at more serious roles, and in her last movies, including her portrayal of Princess Diana of Wales in Spencer, she has shown how flexible of an actress she is.

Nonetheless, nobody can forget the character that catapulted her to fame and Bella Swan is still one of her most beloved roles. It’s been ten years since the Twilight saga ended but fans all over the world are still rejoicing in rewatching the movies and loving or hating its multiple characters. They are numerous, but they can be summed up with hilarious memes.


10/10 Bella Swan

Bella Swan isn’t the most clever person in Forks, Washington, or anywhere. The lack of judgment that led her to date a vampire who had admitted to killing other people before—among other disturbing confessions like how much he wanted to suck her blood—proved from the very beginning how she wasn’t prone to making the best decisions.

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Not only her decisions were questionable, but her social anxiety combined with her overall difficulty to express herself crowned her as the most awkward character that fans love to cringe at in the Twilight saga. Therefore, it is not hard to believe that imaginary Edward would have said something like what the meme depicts after one of her characteristic dumb dialogues.

9/10 Edward Cullen

From the very first moment, Edward was rather intense about Bella, and although he tried to hide it, the immense attraction he felt towards the smelly mortal always overcame his willpower. Consequently, as the meme depicts, Edward mostly stared like a shocked Chihuahua.

That, among other reasons, is why Bella and Edward are one of the most popular movie ships Reddit can’t stand. But beyond the intense starring that Edward does in all the movies and that pretty much sums him up as a character, he did have a way with words and said very romantic things when he was not calling Bella a lamb or his brand of heroin.

8/10 Jacob Black

There are many things about Jacob and Bella’s relationship that don’t make sense, but the biggest one of all is how Jacob ended up imprinting on Renesmee. What started as an endearing friendship and an exciting love triangle concluded in the worst possible way, and this meme hilariously sums it up.

Although it is unfair to consider that Jacob’s character could be summed up with this meme, most fans can agree that the creepy and awkward conclusion of his character’s arc overshadowed any other aspect of his persona.

7/10 Carlisle Cullen

The Cullens had long stopped eating food when Bella arrived to meet his boyfriend’s peculiar family. However, in an act of kindness, the family prepared Italian food for Edward’s soulmate. Although all the Cullens participated, it was evident that it was the idea of the kind and caring Carlisle, who throughout the saga proved time and time again that he had a heart of gold.

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Watching a cooking show and following the recipe step by step, just like a medical procedure, made Carlisle look like the chef depicted in the meme. Although let’s hope that the cook does not suffer the same fate Carlisle had.

6/10 Charlie Swan

Twilight is considered one of the movies that were ruined by their whiny protagonist, and everyone can only feel pity and sympathy for the parent of that whiny protagonist. Charlie Swan only wanted her daughter to be safe, finish school, go to college, and be a happy successful woman, but everything turned out the wrong way.

Bella’s dad had the patience of a saint and tolerated most of her unjustifiable behavior, although he suffered significantly through all of it. That is why, despite not being considered one of the main characters, he stole the fandom’s heart, and it’s recognized as the best one.

5/10 Alice Cullen

Many quotes prove Alice is the best character, however, there is one that outstands the rest. When Alice says “I figured you wouldn’t be opposed to Grand Theft Auto” to Bella while they are trying to save Edward from the Volturi, it’s clear which Cullen is the most formidable.

The hilarious dialogue is quickly followed by Bella’s questions about the Volturi, Volterra, and everyone’s red cloaks, which are answered by Alice, although just like the meme depicts, she probably wondered why Bella was clueless about something so important.

4/10 Emmett Cullen

Emmett was a perfect comic relief throughout the saga and always knew how to make audiences crack a smile despite the drama. Unlike his wife, Rosalie, Emmett took things lightly and loved to make jokes about everything.

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Although he did not say the hilarious dialogue depicted in the meme, it would not have been out of character to find Emmett wondering about humans being able to breathe inside a washing machine, only to test the grounds before pulling off a prank on Bella.

3/10 Rosalie Hale

Rosalie didn’t hate Bella, although she didn’t particularly like her either, and she also admitted to envying her. Her complicated feelings towards Bella were evident since that first encounter when she broke a bowl of salad and carried on to continuously warn Edward about his terrible decision.

She thought Bella exposed the family to danger, and given that ever since Bella joined the family Edward tried to kill himself, she almost died because of her pregnancy, and Carlisle was beheaded, it’s safe to say she wasn’t wrong. Even so, despite the warnings and the hate, Edward dated Bella harder, as the meme says, and had a happily ever after together.

2/10 Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale was starting to become a vegetarian vampire when Bella met Edward and became a frequent guest at their house. In an unforgettable scene, Bella does one of her clumsy signature moves and cuts her finger with the wrapping paper of her 18th birthday present, and exposes her delicious blood.

And just as if it was a cake put in front of someone who had been dieting for ages, Jasper runs toward Bella to attack her like an overpowered Mike Wazowski. The scene in itself is funny, mostly because of how Bella gets thrown across the room, but this meme makes it all more hilarious.

1/10 Renesmee Cullen

Twilight fans thought they had seen the worst baby in the history of cinema when Renesmee Cullen first appeared on the big screen with terrible CGI. Nobody could have guessed that an even more awful animatronic baby was first intended to be used to portray the demon… vampire baby.

The animatronic was so terrifying to look at that even the production team nicknamed it “Chuckesmee” in reference to the killer doll, Chucky. It is needless to say how beloved this terrible baby became within the Twilight fandom and how good it feels to just laugh at the fact that she was in an expensive Hollywood movie. Consequently, Renesmee deserves a virtual cake to celebrate her awful and hilarious existence.

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