Titans Season 5 Renewal Chances Addressed By DC Showrunner


Titans season 5 renewal chances get addressed by showrunner Greg Walker, as HBO Max hasn’t decided yet if there will be another season. 2022 has proven to be a rough year for DC TV shows as changes are happening at Warner Bros. Discovery following the two studios merging. With The CW also getting a new majority stake owner, the network canceled Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, while HBO Max has pulled back on some of their upcoming series, including Constantine and Madame X, which are no longer happening on the streaming service, though WBD has finally begun moving forward on the Keanu Reeves-led Constantine 2.


While several DC TV series have been removed from Warner Bros. Discovery’s network and streaming platforms, Titans season 4 is still on its way, as it will premiere in early November. In the midst of the studio’s multiple cancelations, concern has grown for Titans’ future as HBO Max has yet to renew the show for season 5. In previous years, Titans have sometimes been given an early renewal before they have premiered their new season. Recent reports have indicated that Titans is safe on HBO Max for the time being, and now one of the creatives behind the show is sharing their thoughts on its potential future.

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The Titans cast and creative team were recently at New York Comic Con to promote season 4, and while there wasn’t a season 5 renewal, the showrunner addressed the show’s status for the future. In a roundtable interview with Walker, which Inverse took part in, the executive producer confirmed that they have yet to hear anything about Titans season 5. However, Walker stressed that HBO Max has been very supportive of Titans, sharing the following:

“You know as much as I do… [we’re] in a wait and see mode… we’re excited about this season. HBO Max is incredibly supportive of the show and really helping us become the show we want to be and get us in front of as many people as possible. If you’ve got an idea where it’s going, let’s meet and have a conversation because I want to know.”

Why Titans Needs A Season 5

Based on all the plotlines that are confirmed for Titans season 4, it’s being set up as the final season, which is why they need to get renewed for season 5. In Titans season 4, the team will face one of their iconic villains from the comics in the form of Brother Blood, whose arrival will also introduce the dangerous cult, Church of Blood. The show is also finally tackling Superboy’s background with Lex Luthor, with Titus Welliver portraying the popular Superman foe. But because the Titans writers went into season 4 as if it was business as usual, it wouldn’t be shocking if the finale ends with numerous plot threads and cliffhangers that could set up a potential season 5.

If HBO Max decides to cancel Titans, it becomes another DC TV series that didn’t get to end on its own terms. The same concern also applies to Doom Patrol season 4, as HBO Max hasn’t indicated if they will get picked up for season 5. What would be ideal for Titans, if HBO Max is getting closer to finishing its run, is to renew the DC TV show for a final season where the creative team can properly wrap up all the storylines for the characters. Hopefully, if Titans season 4 is a success for HBO Max, it will prompt them to renew the series for season 5.

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