Times When Kevin Kreider Was Too Dramatic On Bling Empire Season 3


Kevin Kreider is one of the more relatable stars of Bling Empire, but while Kevin was calm throughout seasons 1 and 2, his quick emotions led to some dramatic moments in Bling Empire season 3. Kevin, arguably the least-affluent cast member from Bling Empire, drew in viewers due to his humble beginnings, honest confessionals, and attempts to date co-star Kim Lee. While Kevin and Kim’s up-and-down relationship was one highlight of Bling Empire season 2, viewers watched Kevin and Kane Lim’s close friendship fall apart after a massive argument.


After Bling Empire season 2 ended with an abrupt cliffhanger, Bling Empire season 3 premiered on October 5. With all the cast, minus Chérie Chan and Jessey Lee, back on Netflix, Kevin deals with the aftermath of his fight with Kane and attempts to move on from trying to woo Kim. Although Kevin has been a fan favorite, there were several times on Bling Empire season 3 when his reactions were more surprising than understandable.

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When Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider Was Jealous Of Kane Lim’s Fenty Campaign

Before Kevin was cast in Bling Empire, he was a model, actor, and public speaker who openly spoke about his sobriety journey. Although Kevin has been modeling for over a decade, he has stated several times on Bling Empire that he still yearns for bigger career opportunities. While at lunch with Kevin and Kelly, Kane revealed that he was hired to be the face of the successful brand Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, who is obsessed with Bling Empire. Although Kelly expressed her excitement for Kane, Kevin was visibly upset and abruptly left the table. In his confessional, Kevin ranted, “[Kane] just comes in, doesn’t lift a finger, and he gets a Fenty campaign? I just don’t get it, it just feels unfair.” Kevin’s obvious jealousy towards Kane was not only palpable at the moment but misdirected.

When Bling Empire’s Kane & Kelly Didn’t Invite Kevin To Mexico

Although Kane isn’t too popular with Bling Empire fans for his inability to not gossip, there’s no doubt that Kane and Kelly are a great duo. Since Kelly’s dramatic breakup with ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray, Kane has been determined to not only be there for Kelly but throw her back into the dating pool. Kane booked an impromptu trip to Mexico with Kelly, who sued a Bling Empire producer, shortly after lunch with Kevin and surprised her by flying out John, a man she was getting to know. When Kevin found out about this trip, he was shocked he wasn’t invited and was offended that Kane and Kelly traveled without him. What Kevin fails to acknowledge is that his and Kane’s friendship was far from repaired, especially after Kevin’s reaction to Kane’s Fenty campaign.

When Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider Wanted More Attention On His Birthday

Although Kevin was upset that Kane and Kelly were in Mexico, he was mostly annoyed that his Bling Empire co-stars were out-of-town on his birthday, August 21. While at a celebratory dinner with Jaime Xie, Anna Shay, and Anna’s best friend Maria, Kevin complained that he simply received “happy birthday” texts from Kane and Kelly. It was soon after Anna, who has given Kevin a flashy gift, told him he “has the wrong friends,” to which Kevin replied, “I know. It feels like it, right?” While Kevin’s disappointment may make sense out-of-context, it’s unrealistic that Kane and Kelly would do more for Kevin’s birthday, given their strained relationship. Although it was nice to see Kevin move on from Kim in Bling Empire season 3, Kevin took things a little too personally compared to last season.

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Bling Empire season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.


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