The Vampire Diaries: 10 Actions “Good” Characters Did That Rubbed Redditors The Wrong Way


This article contains references/videos describing mass murder, terminal illness, death of children, and violence. Viewers’ discretion is advised

It’s been a few weeks since Julie Plec’s new show, Vampire Academy, started streaming on Peacock, and so far, it has proven to be a massive hit. Not only are book fans intrigued to see how the show changes Rosemarie Hathaway’s character arc, but it has also drawn in The Vampire Diaries fans, who are desperately hoping that the series also manages to leave such an epic legacy.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things that they wouldn’t like to see improved on either. Although The Vampire Diaries has proven to be popular due to the fact that the characters are flawed and sometimes relatable, there were other occasions where the writers made it hard to root for them since the mistakes made by the Mystic Falls gang crossed several ethical and moral boundaries.


Matt Shooting His Fiancée

Matt was a human with the highest kill count in The Vampire Diaries, yet he was considered one of the good ones merely because he opposed the supernatural and wanted to do away with them. However, his most significant crime was shooting his fiancée Penny, who was human and innocent.

He had done so by mistake, but it was a grave one and Happy_sloth1234 hated how he continued “blaming Stefan” for his crime. He could not fathom that he could have done it and Matt never even suffered any consequences for it.

Caroline Experimenting On Terminally Ill Patients

While there have been a lot of controversial storylines, one that “really bothered” Redditor White_Kingsley was Caroline experimenting on terminally ill patients. Although Caroline was desperate to save her mother, she crossed major boundaries when she experimented on cancer patients she did not know by giving them her blood (which, sadly, enhanced their disease and made their health deteriorate even quicker).

While Caroline was often the most rational in the group, it did shock everyone to see her play God in this case, recklessly putting other people’s lives on the line despite knowing they were already suffering. It just didn’t make people feel very comfortable.

Bonnie’s Friendship With Damon

There is much that Redditors want to change about The Vampire Diaries, and some wish that Bonnie hadn’t befriended Damon. Fans felt that she compromised her morals a lot to be friends with someone who had wronged her and her friends in the past.

Ashley2007 felt “She had some questionable morals, especially in those seasons (6 and 7.)” Bonnie had almost killed Damon earlier because he had hurt Caroline, Elena and killed for no reason. Her sudden decision to be friends with him did not sit well with some.

Alaric Erasing Elena’s Memories

As a character, Alaric was touted as virtuous, but Redditors are very annoyed with his less-than-savory actions throughout the show. This Redditor was particularly outraged at how nonsensical his decision to erase Elena’s memories was, especially as an adult who should have known better.

They said “I was 1000% done with him after he not only agreed to erase Damon from Elena’s memory… but then he also didn’t immediately give her back her memories upon Damon’s return.”

Caroline Killing 12 Witches

When Bonnie was entrapped by Silas and Shane in a cycle of Expression magic in season 4, she ended up on the radar of several witches (some of them being Aja and her coven). While Aja and her coven did try to save Bonnie, they realized that they might have to kill her for to stop Silas’ plans from going ahead. However, Caroline ended up putting a stop to those plans when she chose to kill all 12 innocent witches.

This was an issue Radiant-Flamingo-22 had, who said “that [this] is the worst thing Caroline has done.” While fans can understand she was being loyal to Bonnie, it does seem a little selfish that she was willing to risk letting Silas’ succeed in his plans. She could have even tried to reason with them; killing should have been a last resort.

Stefan Attacking Kids On Christmas

Stefan without humanity was an abhorrent being, yet he was given a free pass for it. As the Monterrey Ripper, he had killed and maimed in unimaginable ways, the most brutal of which was his Christmastime massacre of the 1900s.

A deleted Reddit user claimed that if they had to choose what was the worst thing that any character had done, they thought “Stefan […] eating some village kids on Christmas in the early 1900s. That definitely takes the top.” Considering that there is always an ongoing argument about which Salvatore brother was the better person, it’s hard to argue in favor of Stefan when fans consider children.

Elena’s Vampire Genocide

In the show, Elena killing Kol was depicted as a victory, but, in reality, it did not fall anywhere in the spectrum of great things Elena did in her life. Not only did she end Kol’s life, but also the countless vampires he had sired (who had done no harm to Elena).

PrismaticNecrolite drove home the point, stating “Elena quite literally killed thousands of vampires by killing Kol, vampires she did not know.” While fans might have been able to justify it a bit if Elena had done it to protect several innocent people from harm, the fact that it was to help Jeremy complete his Hunter’s mark (and get them one step closer to finding the cure), rubbed Redditors the wrong way.

Stefan Threatening To Drive Elena Off Wickery Bridge

In season 3, Stefan traumatized Elena all over again when he force-fed her his blood, and threatened to drive her off of Wickery Bridge. For this Reddit user, they believed that Stefan took it one step too far, saying “It was f***** up and regardless of his reasons, he shouldn’t have done that to her.”

Considering it was the same spot where she had lost her parents and nearly her own life, Stefan’s actions were awful. He had witnessed how much pain she and her family had been in since she lost her parents; he had even comforted her too since he had also been there to witness the horrific event. The fact that he would reopen old wounds was just unforgivable.

Tyler Plotting To Kill A Baby

For Strictly_Misadventure, Tyler “Trying to kill unborn baby Hope” was unforgivable. Tyler was always painted as a righteous man who lost his way sometimes, but he really fell off the edge when his hatred for Klaus made him want to kill a child.

Even if Klaus wanted to sire hybrids through Hope (which he didn’t), basic decency should have stopped Tyler from plotting against a helpless child. The baby shouldn’t have been blamed for Klaus’ crimes and given how well Tyler knew Hayley, he should have known she wouldn’t allow anything to harm her child.

Elena’s Forced Compulsion On Jeremy

Elena was rather vocal about having free will and making her own choices, but the same did not apply to her brother. Knowingly, she asked a vampire to compel away his bad memories of Vicki’s death, and then to alter his memories so he moved away from Mystic Falls.

Redditor White_Kingsley disliked “Elena taking away Jeremy’s memories, like more than once,” because it was a conscious thing she did several times to him. She may have had the best of intentions, but she really should have asked if this was what he wanted.

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