The Simpsons: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Maggie As A Character


The latest episode of The Simpsons premiered earlier this year, showcasing more of the family’s wild antics. The most underrated member of the popular family is undoubtedly Maggie, who doesn’t spend nearly as much time in the spotlight as her parents or siblings do. Despite this, there are numerous memes that sum up Maggie’s character in the animated sitcom.

From confusion about which of her words are canon to a reference to her crime against Mr. Burns, there’s no shortage of memes that perfectly capture Maggie’s personality, major actions, and unique brand of humor on the show.


That’s Canon

One thing newcomers will immediately notice about The Simpsons is that the entire family is wacky and chaotic, not to mention noisy. Maggie, isn’t, though, and her silence is a crucial part of her character. That said, there are some rare (often non-canon) instances where she says some words or even complete sentences.

A humorous meme highlights how confusing it can be to determine whether Maggie has never actually spoken in the series. There’s a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode where she speaks in a male voice about how it’s “a disturbing universe” – the non-canon moment is clearly meant as a joke. However, Maggie has also called Homer “da da” and “daddy” in regular episodes, showing that she can speak.

The Wrong Idea

Maggie may fade into the background in the show, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a fan favorite. She may be a baby, but she has had several iconic moments in the series that have inspired fan art, crafts, and, of course, memes.

One meme references the popular scene where Maggie is dressed in a starfish-shaped jacket. It emphasizes how the character doesn’t have to do much to be cute, funny, and memorable, as one quirky outfit is all it takes for Maggie to stand out.

Won’t Drop It

Every family member in The Simpsons is responsible for a serious crime, and Maggie is no exception. Any fan of the show will be familiar with Maggie’s most violent action, as a whodunit reveals that the infant once shot Mr. Burns.

An edited version of the scene ends up becoming a brutal meme poking fun at the bizarre moment. It’s one of Maggie’s major storylines in the series, and it’s still not clear if the entire incident was an accident or a deliberate choice on the character’s part.

Say The Line

Since the sitcom focuses on the main characters’ misadventures, Maggie is often playing the role of a supporting or even a side character. A lot of this has to do with the fact that she’s only one, so there’s not a lot of wiggle room to explore her arc or send her on her own zany journeys.

A telling meme reflects this unfortunate aspect of Maggie’s character. For some viewers, she’s way too underrated and definitely underused in the series. It would be interesting to see more episodes that highlight Maggie and don’t just use her as a prop or the butt of a joke.

A Disturbing Universe

When Maggie does speak in the show, the scene is almost always legendary in the fandom. This is exactly the case for a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode that depicts Homer’s terrible time travel experience, with one scene leading him to an axe-wielding Maggie. After he’s dead, Maggie talks in a deep voice and says “this is indeed a disturbing universe.”

The Simpsons quote has become a reaction meme that’s used to comment on real-life events. Maggie’s strange adult voice and brutal action at that moment contribute to one of the better Treehouse episodes.

Forever One

From seasons one to five, Maggie was a normal, healthy baby who was actually growing up with every few episodes. After turning a year old in ‘Lady Bouvier’s Lover,’ though, Maggie has stayed the same age for the rest of the series.

A funny meme highlights how weird it is that Maggie is stuck in time thanks to the animated series. While Bart and Lisa share a similar predicament, they at least get to go to school and make friends. Maggie, on the other hand, is forever dependent on Marge and can’t ever achieve the same milestones the rest of her family has.

She’s Confused

Since Bart and Lisa are in the same age group and are much older than Maggie, the youngest sibling is often left out of the decisions, conversations, and plans that they have. One thing they all have in common is their love for ‘Itchy and Scratchy,’ which even inspires Maggie to hurt Homer sometimes.

A surreal meme happens to capture the way Maggie is often left out of the sibling group, with Bart and Lisa both reacting the same way to the show. It also points out Maggie’s general inability to open her mouth, thanks to her attachment to her pacifier.

Do It For Her

It may be a gut-busting sitcom, but there are also some genuinely tear-jerking moments on The Simpsons. One of these happens when Homer tries to improve his workplace by adding Maggie’s photos to a demotivating poster from Mr. Burns. He changes the original words – “don’t forget: you’re here forever” – to “do it for her.”

The heartfelt reminder has become a recognizable format, with some memes directly underscoring the incredible scene. It reflects the father-and-daughter relationship between Homer and Maggie, with the protagonist drawing from it to be able to keep going in the nuclear plant. That’s how important Maggie is to Homer, which is something that will never change.

Uncle Moe

Maggie has a strong effect on adults, who usually find that they want to protect and nurture her. This is especially true for Moe, who finds new meaning in his life after a chance encounter with Maggie. The comical scene shows Moe accidentally saving Maggie when she falls off a bridge. What follows is an unexpected bond between the two.

A meme references this odd friendship between the youngest Simpson sibling and the local bartender. It captures one of the more unique relationships Maggie develops in the show, with her innocence and endearing personality motivating Moe to embrace his own life.

The Baby Who Shot Him

Maggie may be adorable and charming most of the time, but she has an unusually violent side. She has hit her father on the head with a mallet, battled Baby Gerald, scared Krusty’s monkey away with a makeshift weapon, and more. Her wildest crime is definitely the one against Mr. Burns, though.

A meme format points out that the show still references that moment in newer episodes. Maggie is allegedly capable of shooting a person with their own gun, but it could still be the case that she just accidentally discharged it while reaching for her lollipop. It’s one of the most debated and memorable parts of Maggie’s storyline.

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