The Simpsons: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Bart As A Character


The 33rd season of the long-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons, ended earlier this year and showcased more of the beloved family’s wild antics. Bart is often at the center of or the cause of several mishaps in the series, as the young boy is a mischievous and creative prankster who’s impossible to control.

The memes that accurately reflect Bart’s personality often capture his unique dynamic with family members like Lisa or display his tendency to do bad things for a laugh. These funny memes often become popular formats shared on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.


Bart Vs. Bartenders

A humorous meme combines Bart’s love for pranking the bartender Moe and Sideshow Bob’s obsession with murdering the young boy. It sums up Bart’s relationship with the bartender while also making a clever joke about how the villain is a “Bart ender.”

Sideshow Bob’s deep-seated resentment for Bart began when the Simpson boy managed to foil his plan of taking over Krusty the Clown’s show. Bart is almost always sabotaging any chance of reform Bob gets, causing the criminal to revert to his violent ways.

Thanks For Nothing

Bart can be witty and rude at times, especially when he’s being asked to be grateful. A now-iconic scene has become a popular meme format, as it shows Bart defiantly telling “God” that they “paid” for dinner all on their own, “so thanks for nothing.”

The gut-busting meme highlights Bart’s stubbornness and occasional cleverness, as he knows that it’s his father’s job that ends up putting food on the table. He’s not exactly expressing gratitude towards Homer, but rather spiting the religious figure they’re supposed to be honoring at that moment.

He Won’t Quit It

Bart and Lisa’s scenes can be some of the funniest ones in the show, usually because Bart ceaselessly bullies his sister. A comical meme perfectly captures the dynamic between the two, with Bart pushing it far enough that Lisa will call on Marge for help.

He never stops when he should, which is what makes him both annoying and endearing in the show. Bart has the most fun when someone else is irritated by his antics, with that someone usually being his own bookish and sensitive sister.

Everybody Hates Him

Although it’s rarely displayed in the series, Bart does have a more sensitive side, and he can get hurt when his close friends like Milhouse wrong him in some way. This aspect of his personality has inspired images with a vaporwave aesthetic that exaggerates Bart’s sad moments in the show.

A meme pokes fun at this bizarre movement, while also pointing out Bart’s need for attention and validation from his peers. He is, after all, just a kid who’s acting out because of numerous factors, which include his home life and experiences in school.

The Duality Of Bart

Bart may usually be a wacky, rude, and silly character, but he can also be sensitive and sad depending on the circumstances. A funny meme reflects these two sides of Bart, who can think that he’s the greatest boy on earth in one instance before curling up in bed and believing he’s a loser in the next.

He’s most definitely leaning more towards he’s “so great” mentality, though, as Bart can be genuinely clueless about how his peers and adults see him – that, or he simply doesn’t care. It’s one of the few advantages of being young and reckless.

Always Ruining Things For Lisa

The memes that sum up Lisa as a character predictably often include Bart, as their messy relationship is an irreplaceable part of the show. A hilarious meme shows how far back the bullying from Lisa’s brother began, with Bart ruining something Lisa worked on for a long time.

Bart has relentlessly antagonized, offended, and sabotaged his younger sister. It’s in his nature to bully her for no good reason and he has the most fun when she’s crying or running to Marge about something that Bart has done.

His Trusty Chalkboard

While most of the legendary intro sequence leading up to the couch gag doesn’t change, Bart’s scene with the chalkboard almost always has a new joke or a witty line. This is why it’s the perfect format for memes, as fans can make Bart write whatever they want.

The scene also reflects Bart’s bad behavior that never changes, as he’s been enduring this punishment at school for years without ever learning his lesson. He’s just excited to get out of that classroom and wreak havoc around town, only to do it all again the very next episode.

Using His Power For Bad

Bart is a playful and energetic kid who utilizes his time in questionable ways. A meme reflects exactly what Bart does with his “power” – he chooses to annoy those around him. If it isn’t Lisa he’s bothering, he’s likely irritating Principal Skinner or Edna Krabappel, both of whom have learned to expect Bart’s wild behavior.

A huge part of what makes Bart such a funny character is his inability or plain refusal to understand how damaging his actions can be. As long as he’s annoying someone, he’s happy.

Scheming Nearby

If it was a crime to bully Lisa, Bart would certainly get a life sentence. He’s always coming up with new creative ways to make her cry or at least frustrated enough to ask Marge for help. When Lisa’s happy, Bart isn’t too far behind, scheming how to change that.

Their relationship is summed up in a meme that hits close to home. Lisa, being the kind of person who chooses to see the best in others, rarely sees Bart’s pranks coming. His rare moments of maturity happen far into the future when Lisa is off to college and Bart is left behind in Springfield.

Not A Great Brag

Bart isn’t the best at being humble and his talent for exaggerating his skills comes in handy during social situations. He often takes a leadership role even when he clearly doesn’t deserve it, as he can manipulate and trick others into believing he’s better than he actually is.

This is summed up in a humorous meme showing Bart bragging about going to space, despite being on a toy. He’s on top of the world when he has those extra quarters to make the machine run, as there’s not much else to do for entertainment in the small town.

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