The Office: 10 Memes That Sum Up Pam As A Character


Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer’s Office Ladies podcast has been a roaring success, with the actresses revealing lesser-known trivia about everyone’s favorite mockumentary, The Office. Fischer’s Pam was an indispensable part of the show, who began her arc as a quiet and shy receptionist and bloomed into a young woman who loved art, and Jim Halpert too.

Pam had a very eventful career at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch, and she also managed to find friendship, love, and family there. Pam is a favorite for internet meme-ing, and these sum up her role in The Office quite well.


10/10 Receptionist To Administrator

Pam began her journey at Dunder Mifflin as receptionist extraordinaire but then tried her hand at sales which she was no good at. The smartest lie that she ever told was convincing Gabe in season 7 that she had been promoted to office administrator before the takeover of the company.

She stuck to her guns, which actually made her get the promotion without any actual official action. It gave her more purpose in life, and she was actually good at being an admin, unlike the sales job.

9/10 Pam Felt God In Chilis That Night

Under Michael Scott’s leadership, every character got a Dundie, which were held at Chilis every year. The Dundies in season 2 saw Pam getting extremely inebriated, and breaking out of her otherwise meek and timid shell that she usually stayed within.

Pam famously “felt God” in that Chilis, and fell off a stool too. She was a general menace who earned herself a permanent ban from the restaurant, which was most unlike Pam but showed her fun side.

8/10 Pam’s Art And Michael

Art was a big part of Pam’s personality, and she made a concerted effort to become better at it and make it her career. She went and studied art at Pratt Institute, but chose Jim and her relationship over completing her course.

Her arc with art was very realistic as not all dreams and career trajectories go according to plan, but her bond with Michael was a solid one. They may have had their awkward moments, but Michael did the best thing by showing up for Pam’s art show, and she was the only one who went to the airport to bid farewell to her special boss.

7/10 The Pam-Jim-Roy Love Triangle

The love triangle between Pam, Jim and Roy was one of the biggest moments of Pam’s life, even if it was the most difficult. She was engaged to Roy for a while, but Jim came by and blew her socks off.

She was in a scary position, where she struggled to stay faithful to Roy, but always had wonderful Jim fulfilling the needs that Roy couldn’t. Jim and Pam were star-crossed, but a classic case of “you vs. the guy she said not to worry about.”

6/10 If It Wasn’t The Consequences Of Pam’s Own Actions

Jim could envision a relationship with Pam much before she could, and she let him go after he kissed her for the first time. It shouldn’t have surprised her that he chose to move on with Karen, but it did.

Jim left the city heartbroken and attempted to date Karen to get over his failed romance with Pam. However, it was only then that the receptionist realized how much he meant to her.

5/10 Dwight And Pam’s Friendship

One of the thickest friendships in The Office was Dwight and Pam’s, but it was also one of the most unique. In his own brash way, Dwight showed Pam that he loved her, when she needed him to get things or when she broke down because of her inner relationship turmoil.

At the same time, he spared her none of his antics, making sure that she took out copies for him before she left for art school, and minutes after she returned to the office. Still, he protected her like a sister, and they were lifelong friends after a point, making it one of the most heartwarming bonds Pam forged.

4/10 Pam’s Three Ps

This meme is a great take on the identity theft prank that Jim had played on Dwight. Pam’s plotlines on the show could be. if required, summed up very simplistically in these three words.

She went to art school at Pratt, played various tricks and pranks on Dwight with her to-be husband Jim (and also after they married), and started a beautiful family with two children in tow. It’s also hilarious that the person imitating Pam here is Cathy, who tried to steal Jim from her.

3/10 Pam’s Biggest Shock

Michael did countless questionable things, but dating his employee’s mother was one of the worst he could have done. It was a big betrayal to Pam, who actually did care for Michael’s dating life and happiness.

However, this was where Pam drew the line because she definitely did not want her mother to date her quirky boss. It led to a major meltdown for her, and she physically attacked Michael for it.

2/10 Pam And Brian

The biggest twist in Pam and Jim’s tale was when there were external stressors, in the form of people, who started messing with their marriage. Brian was one such individual who came out of the production framework and started giving her emotional support when Jim wasn’t around.

Pam was coddled and taken care of by Brian, even if she only cried. It was a significant turning point for Jim and Pam.

1/10 Pam’s Drawbacks

Like any other human being, Pam had her flaws, which fans like to point out every once in a while. One of her “villainous” acts was when she blamed the lice she brought to the office with her on Meredith, and when she conned her way into the admin job.

The conflict between her and Jim is also something that both of them were in the wrong because it looked like Pam was holding Jim back from achieving his dreams even though he had encouraged hers. These were just a few mistakes that Pam made in The Office.

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