The Kardashians Season 2 Ep 4 Highlights: Kim addresses work advice backlash; Scott Disick returns


The Kardashians‘ second season is brewing enough drama while following the footsteps of its successful first season. The show has been touching on all the important moments in the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner stars from Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s romance, Khloe Kardashian’s second baby and Tristan Thompson drama to Kendall Jenner’s obsession with health and wellness products. The second season will also cover Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding. 

In the fourth episode of the show, while Kylie Jenner and Kourtney were missing, the focus mainly remained on Kim and also momager Kris Jenner whose health issues were discussed in the last episode where she was seen turning to edibles as pain medication for her hip and also got high after consuming the same. The latest episode details Kris’ condition and also Kim’s reaction to the work ethic controversy she created after her Variety interview earlier this year. Take a look at the best moments from the episode below. 

Kris Jenner’s hip surgery 

The latest episode of The Kardashians saw Kris Jenner consulting a doctor related to her health condition. Kris and Corey were seen heading to the doctor’s office after undergoing a series of tests where she learned that she will need complete hip replacement surgery.  Jenner then opened up about feeling nervous about telling her kids mentioning how she doesn’t want them to worry. Kris was then seen having an emotional conversation with Kim, Khloe and her mother MJ about getting older. 

Kim and Pete’s ‘fireplace sex’ 

At the beginning of the episode, Kim is seen having a conversation with her grandmother about following the latter’s sex advice as she reveals Davidson and her had sex in front of the fireplace during their stay at the Beverly Hills hotel recently. Kim then went on to praise her then-boyfriend Davidson as the sweetest guy and also revealed his plans to head to space to Kris, Khloe and her grandmother. Davidson also makes an audio appearance in the episode as he chats with Kim’s family over the phone. 

Khloe Kardashian and Martha Stewart’s Peacocks 

The absurdity of things continues on The Kardashians as Martha Stewart makes a cameo and the reason for her meeting with Kris Jenner will leave you confused. Jenner talks to Stewart about wanting to gift a peacock to her daughter Khloe. Kris wants Martha to talk to Khloe about what it’s like having a big bird considering she owns many. Later in the episode, Kris and Khloe also take a trip to see Martha Stewart’s peacocks and the duo soon realise how the Good American founder is not ready to become a peacock owner yet. 

Kim’s work advice controversy 

The episode also chronicles Variety interview where Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kourtney talk about what it’s like being women in business where Kim’s advice for Women in Business is “Get your f*****g ass up and work.” She mentions that success is never easy. Following the backlash that Kardashian receives for her comments, she is seen discussing the same with her sisters Khloe and Kendall. Kim during her confessional apologises to the viewers noting that she was misunderstood. At another point, Khloe also tells Kim that she would have been attacked no matter what she would have said during the interview. 

Scott Disick makes first appearance in Season 2

Scott Disick is back after speaking his mind about ex-Kourtney Kardashian moving on with Travis Barker in the first season of the show. Disick enters the second season of the show after he receives a visit from Kendall Jenner. Scott gives Kendall some advice about house-flipping which she is shown talking about earlier in the episode with her best friend Fai Khadra.  Scott and Kendall discuss their passion projects and later also address Pete Davidson’s space visit. When Scott quizzes Kendall if she would ever go to space, the model outrightly says no adding that the kind of anxiety she suffers from, it would be difficult since she doesn’t even like flying in planes in general. 

At one point in the episode, Kim also addressed the online feud that began with ex-Kanye West earlier this year after the rapper shared posts claiming that he wasn’t allowed to see his kids. Pointing out the same while discussing how she has been dealing with a lot amid the controversy over her work advice for women as well, Kim said, “I can’t take it anymore. But then, I don’t wanna go back and forth on the internet.” Khloe then also added how Kanye’s comments against her were all “gaslighting.”

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