The Flash’s Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Burglary Charges


The Flash actor Ezra Miller pleads not guilty to his burglary charges. Miller has portrayed Barry Allen/The Flash in several DCEU films, including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League (2017). Miller is also slated to receive a solo movie for their version of The Flash, which was scheduled for release in 2023.

The Flash 2023, however, has experienced significant hiccups in its production due to controversies that have surfaced about Miller’s personal life. The actor has undergone a slate of legal trouble, including accusations of choking a woman, grooming young women, and has faced arrest for assault on more than one occasion. Among the charges includes a charge for liquor theft from a Vermont home. After Warner Bros. considered canceling Miller’s solo Flash film, Miller apologized for their actions and attempted to reconcile with Warner Bros. The actor also claims to be getting treatment for their issues.


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News breaks now from Deadline that Miller will plead not guilty to their burglary charges. The actor was allowed to appear in court virtually. If Miller is found guilty, they will face a maximum of 26 years in prison and over $2,000 in fines. They will have to return to court at a yet-to-be-determined date for further proceedings about their alcohol theft charge.

In spite of these legal challenges, DCEU’s The Flash is still slated for a June 2023 release as of now. However, Miller’s continuing legal battles could cause further challenges for the production. Though Miller did apologize for their actions, even that may not be enough to save The Flash. Though they are pleading not guilty, if Miller is indeed found guilty of their burglary charges, that may be the nail in the coffin for Miller’s The Flash.

If Warner Bros. does proceed with the release of The Flash, it could face significant pushback. Miller has a wide range of charges at this point, and some DCEU fans have been pushing for the actor to get replaced. Actor Elliot Page, for example, has been cited as a potential strong option to replace Miller as The Flash. Warner Bros.’ decision will likely come down to how Miller’s court proceedings continue, and whether the actor is in fact convicted of their charges. Even without a conviction, Miller’s controversies are many, and considering some of the accusations include violent and insipid behavior such as grooming and choking, it is an extremely serious issue which the studio must consider carefully. Time will tell as the year continues and as updates about Miller’s legal status progress.

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