The Flash Knows ONE Rogue Actually Belongs on The Justice League


Of all the villains Flash has faced in his life, he knows the one that would actually make a good member of the Justice League. The Flash #33 reveals which of the Rogues gets Barry Allen’s seal of approval for joining the biggest group of heroes in the DC Universe.

While every hero may have their own selection of villains, Barry Allen has a particularly unique cache of baddies. Unlike most antagonists, the Rogues operate like a crew, with Flash’s archenemy, Captain Cold, acting as their leader. The Rogues are also known for their unique weaponry such as Captain Cold’s Cold Gun or the Mirror Master’s Mirror Gun. Despite being the Fastest Man Alive, the Flash has always run into trouble thanks to the Rogue’s mastery of their weapons. Thanks to their adeptness with their armaments and their strict code, the Rogues have remained a consistent thorn in Flash’s side.


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But out of all the members of the Rogues, which one does Flash think has what it takes to be on something as morally sound as the Justice League? The answer came in The Flash #32 by Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, and Brett Booth. In a dark future, the Flash’s Speed Force has become corrupted due to a rupture and every time Barry uses his speed, he begins to lose more and more time. The future Flash resolves to fix everything by killing his past self and healing the rupture. But before he does that, he makes stops along the way to help his greatest enemies. Barry travels to visit his old nemesis, Leonard Snart, on his deathbed. As Flash commiserates with his former nemesis, he recalls the time Cold temporarily joined the Justice League, even admitting he respects Captain Cold for serving admirably.

Why Should Flash’s Enemy Be on the Justice League?

Cold did indeed join the Justice League after the events of Forever Evil, in which he helped repel the invasion of the evil Crime Syndicate of Earth-3. Snart’s time on the League didn’t last long, and he did eventually go back to his old ways of leading the Rogues and pulling off heists. But it seems that Barry was able to see the benefit of having someone like Captain Cold on the Justice League, even if it took him a while to come around to the idea.

What sets Captain Cold apart from most other supervillains is that he keeps his stakes low and non-personal. While leading the Flash’s Rogues, Snart came up with a strict ethical code he expected his teammates to follow. Rogues aren’t allowed to kill capes, women or children, as well as abstain from hard drug use. Cold commands respect from his crew and has a tactical mind that helps his crew get out of tight spots. With a bit of guidance, skills like that can flourish on a team like the League. Sure, Cold might be in it for the score. But if someone like Flash approves, then Captain Cold could one day be a valuable member of the Justice League.

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