The Family Chantel: What Pedro’s Rumored Fling Antonella Has Been Up To


Pedro Jimeno might be the main The Family Chantel season 4 villain, but many viewers are curious about what happened to his rumored fling, Antonella Barrenechea Streuli. Pedro’s younger coworker was presented as having an inappropriately close relationship with him despite Antonella being a decade younger and married with a baby. However, many viewers then speculated that Pedro was actually cheating with their boss and Antonella’s aunt, Laura Delgado. Many The Family Chantel fans still remain curious about Antonella and her relationship with Pedro.


Antonella was introduced during The Family Chantel season 4, as she was almost like a surrogate younger sister to Pedro since his own sister, Nicole Jimeno, was in the Dominican Republic. However, aspects of their relationship bothered his 90 Day Fiancé wife, Chantel Jimeno. Chantel called Antonella out for always relying on Pedro for rides and for leaving her name on his keys. Many The Family Chantel viewers also thought Antonella looked guilty when Chantel confronted her about her behavior.

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Are Antonella & Pedro Jimeno Close After The Family Chantel?

Now that Pedro and Chantel are divorcing, The Family Chantel fans are extremely curious if Pedro is dating Antonella. However, there is no indication that they are romantically involved. Fans actually spotted images of Pedro and Laura looking cozy, which have caused viewers to more widely believe that Pedro and his boss are maybe an item. However, Pedro and Antonella are still friends and coworkers, as they both still work for Laura Delgado Realty. They both follow each other on Instagram, while Antonella and Pedro’s sister, Nicole, follow each other as well. Pedro’s notoriously judgmental mother, Lidia Jimeno, even follows Antonella, although Antonella doesn’t follow her back.

Is Antonella Still With Her Husband After The Family Chantel?

When The Family Chantel season 4 aired, many angry viewers were convinced that Antonella broke up Chantel and Pedro. However, it is clear that The Family Chantel‘s Pedro is the shady one, and he is responsible for ending his own marriage. Fans then noticed that Antonella removed her husband from her Instagram bio, where he is no longer mentioned, and she also removed some content with him from her other social media accounts. But The Family Chantel fans also uncovered an image of Antonella, Pedro, and Laura on vacation with her husband and baby also present. There is a chance that Antonella wants her relationship to be private given the backlash she received. However, it isn’t clear if she is still with her husband.

Overall, it’s unclear if Antonella’s marriage was also a casualty after she got close to The Family Chantel star Pedro. In any case, she is still close friends with Pedro and seemingly his family as well. But while Antonella is enjoying working at Laura Delgado Realty, Pedro’s performance as a real estate agent has received scathing online reviews. This has caused many The Family Chantel fans to doubt that his career can last. The Family Chantel viewers will have to stay tuned to see if Pedro spills more information about his relationships with Antonella and Laura after his divorce is finalized.

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