The Family Chantel: Chantel Throws Major Shade At Pedro Amid Divorce


Popular The Family Chantel cast member Chantel Everett announces she is single while seemingly accusing her ex-husband, Pedro Jimeno, of cheating.

Chantel Everett from The Family Chantel has taken a dig at her estranged husband, Pedro Jimeno, amid their divorce. In the last few years, the 31-year-old reality star has featured on different 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs with Pedro. Initially, the couple had a great story on the show, and most viewers thought they were compatible. However, things changed over the years due to family fights and personal differences. In May 2022, Chantel’s husband filed for a divorce, and the couple finally split after five years of marriage.


After accusing her husband of cheating, Chantel has taken another shot at him by posting an Instagram Story that features a racy picture of herself. In the post, she uses the song “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” by GloRilla, which has lyrics that hint that she is now free. The song’s chorus has statements such as I’M F-R-E-E” and “I AIN’T GOTTA WORRY’ BOUT NO F***-N**** CHEATING.” It seems that Chantel is indirectly accusing Pedro of cheating and taking a direct dig at him for leaving her after becoming financially stable in the United States.

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About Pedro Jimeno’s Cheating Scandal

The cheating scandal was a big part of the former couple’s journey on The Family Chantel. In the previous season, viewers saw Pedro getting detached from his then-partner Chantel and focusing more on his work than fixing his marital problems. During that time, the Atlanta native insinuated that her husband was cheating on her with his co-workers. Later, Pedro shared some controversial pictures with his boss that convinced The Family Chantel viewers that he cheated on his wife. Fans on social media are almost certain that Pedro isn’t as innocent as he makes himself look.

This Instagram story isn’t the first time Chantel has taken an indirect shot at Pedro. However, it is the first time she has hinted that she is free and single. It may be that the 90 Day Fiancé star chose this song to tell the world that she has successfully divorced her ex-husband. Since the popular cast member is probably still under the TLC contract, it would have been difficult for her to announce her divorce’s finalization publicly. Hence, she chose a song to let her fans know that her hard days were over.

Most reality TV viewers have supported Chantel during the divorce, as they feel she showed genuine emotions about her marriage. However, a few fans think Chantel and Pedro deserve equal blame for their failed relationship. Throughout the past few seasons, the nurse practitioner and her family have treated Pedro as an outsider. They have also investigated his intentions and questioned his love. Moreover, Chantel has also failed to side with her man during family fights and other arguments. The Family Chantel viewer felt that Chantel’s self-centered nature during the first few years of her marriage eradicated the true love Pedro had for her.

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