The Family Chantel: All About Pedro’s Performance As A Real Estate Agent


Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel has been selling a lot of homes despite receiving negative reviews from disgruntled reality TV viewers. The 31-year-old reality star is famous for his appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, where he first revealed his passion for real estate. However, it wasn’t until The Family Chantel season 4 that he finally made the big move and started his new career as a real estate agent. Pedro proudly revealed his latest gig on the show and is hoping to succeed in this career.


Pedro works at Laura Delgado Realty Group, which is located in the Norcross region of Georgia. He started working there after acquiring his real estate license in July 2021. According to available details, the Dominican Republic native’s new company has a successful track record, with over 919 properties sold and an average listing price of $450K. Some reports also reveal that the reality star earns a six-figure salary while working for Pedro’s boss, Laura Delgado. Unfortunately, TLC viewers have been unimpressed with Pedro due to his terrible split with The Family Chantel fan-favorite Chantel Everett.

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Pedro Jimeno’s Career Is Unfazed By Divorce Drama

Regardless of the backlash from fans, Pedro has maintained a great business profile and is thriving at his job as a real estate agent. According to his listing page on the official website, Laura Delgado Realty Group, he currently has two listings that are over $400K. This high price means he’s earning a great profit while when properties. Moreover, these listings show that Pedro’s company trusts him to sell expensive homes, which he’s been doing for more than a year.

Pedro Jimeno Is Consistently Closing Deals

Pedro has separate social media profiles for his reality TV fame and real estate gig. On his official “Pedro Jimeno Realtor” Facebook page, Pedro, whose career was affected by the divorce, shares various photos of himself closing deals with his happy clients. His proud milestones prove that he must earn a good commission on each sale, ranging between five and six percent. That means every successful house sold would give him anywhere between 16-24k, depending on the property’s price. While Pedro isn’t keeping all the money, he must be earning 30-60% of his commissions.

Pedro Jimeno Gets Positive Reviews

After watching Pedro in the latest season of The Family Chantel, many viewers despised him for leaving Chantel and seemingly feeling nothing for her. The fans showed how much they disliked him by writing negative comments on Pedro’s professional profiles, leaving him with a 1.7/5 rating on Facebook. However, Pedro, who The Family Chantel fans cannot stand, still has many authentic reviews from people who likely bought properties from him. One client wrote, “Great guy. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!” Another client commented, “If you’re looking for a house and go see Pedro please.” Someone else wrote, “Pedro is cool. bunch of drunk housewives with nothing better to do, trying to smear his reputation.” Many of The Family Chantel viewers are upset with Pedro, but they still wish him the best of luck in his new career.

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Source: Laura Delgado Realty Group, Pedro Jimeno Realtor/Facebook


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