The Batman’s Penguin Spinoff Can Fix A Movie Villain Problem


Colin Farrell’s screentime as the Penguin in The Batman is limited, but the HBO Max show The Penguin can reveal more about this iconic supervillain.

The Batman spinoff The Penguin will follow on from Colin Farrell’s standout performance as Oswald Cobblepot, and dive deeper into the character hopefully fixing the movie’s villain problem. Shortly after the release of the commercially successful The Batman, HBO Max ordered the limited series with Colin Farrell signing on to reprise his critically acclaimed role of the Penguin. While the show doesn’t have a confirmed release date, Mare of Easttown director Craig Zobel is confirmed to direct the series with Lauren LeFranc as the showrunner and Matt Reeves as a producer.


While Colin Farrell truly disappears into the role of Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin ultimately felt like a regular crime boss in the film, instead of the colorful crazed character from DC Comics. The Batman’s Penguin may not have been properly explored due to time constraints and the focus on the other villains, the Riddler and Falcone. While the film explores the Iceberg Lounge which is a cover for his criminal activity, it still dismisses much of the classic villain’s features. For example, the Penguin often uses high-tech umbrellas as tools and weapons, such as guns, knives, a mini-helicopter, and many other unconventional items. The Penguin is also a cold-blooded killer and Colin Farrell’s Penguin has not been shown as a murderer so far, much less a horrifying presence. However, The Penguin will have more time to expand on the supervillain-esque aspects of the character.

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The Batman’s Penguin Can Be More Of A Supervillain (& Not Ruin The World)

Matt Reeve’s The Batman presents a different take on the classic hero, so The Penguin must be careful not to contradict the world that Reeves set up. While it would be pretty silly to see the Penguin with some of his gadgets from the comics, he doesn’t need a high-tech umbrella to be threatening. The Penguin will take place a week after the flood in the third act of the film. Colin Farrell confirms that the first episode begins with Oz wading into Falcone’s office, which is nearly completely underwater. Oz must take over Falcone’s place and with Gotham in such dismal conditions, the Penguin can rise to power through manipulation and deception. He can abuse his power and kill those who disobey in creative ways that do not come off as cartoony. The Batman spinoff series could document the Penguin’s journey as he takes control of the mafia and commands them to take over the streets while the city is in a state of emergency.

Penguin’s Spinoff Can Set Up An Even Better The Batman 2 Role

While the Penguin’s role in The Batman 2 may not be confirmed, Colin Farrell is more than eager to continue to play the Penguin. If Oz does return, he will be a much more compelling villain, rather than in The Batman where he often provided comic relief instead of being a serious threat. With The Penguin as background, The Batman 2 doesn’t need to build Oz, and he can assume the role of the chilling supervillain. His metamorphosis from sleazy club owner to supervillain mobster will be exciting to watch and provide a formidable opponent for Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the sequel.

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