The 10 Most Disappointing Pokémon Evolutions, According to Reddit


Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet are some of the most anticipated video games in recent memory. They bring a fresh new feel to the world of Pokémon and are sure to bring many fantastic new evolutions.

However, some players will tragically, yet inevitably, find that they preferred the pre-evolutions to what the Pokémon evolves into. While ideally, fans would love their Pokémon no matter what form it takes, many Redditors were compelled to share which evolutions they were most disappointed in.


10/10 Rhydon

When a Rhyhorn reaches level 42, it gets a tremendous stat increase and the ability to stand on its hind legs as it transforms into Rhydon.

Reddit user Lord_Parbr, the original poster of the thread, commented that Ryhorn is “like a little rhino tank” while Rhydon looks like “a big goofy cartoon dinosaur with a pointy nose right out of Barney.” Despite being one of the aces of Team Rocket Boss Giovani, Rhydon clearly isn’t beloved by all fans of the series.

9/10 Crabominable

While Crabrawler has an interesting idea going on with a boxing crab, if leveled up at Mount Lanakila it becomes a goofy-looking Ice-type: Crabominable.

A user named Yosimite_Jones also seems to believe that Crabominable might be a bit too goofy, stating that Crabrawler is a “unique and cute design that has potential for greatness” while Crabominable is “a dopey brute, the shine in its eyes now gone in the most anticlimactic way possible.” Although it’s amusing they merged a crab with the Abominable Snowman the idea doesn’t quite translate.

8/10 Dusclops

While it may actually be one of the strongest not fully evolved Pokémon and one of the strongest Mono-Ghost types around, Dusclops’s level 37 evolution isn’t loved by all.

Redditor MrEmptySet may be the biggest Dusclops hater of anyone. While they believe that Duskull is “this spooky little ghost guy with a skull head,” they don’t feel the same about Dusclops, calling it ” too cartoony to be a Scooby-Doo villain,” partially due to its giant hands and clumsy feet.

7/10 Sneasler

While the original Sneasel has a widely beloved evolution in Weavile, Hisuian Sneasel isn’t so lucky with its Razor Claw evolution in Sneasler.

Redditor Fork_Master was disappointed in the new form of Sneasel. They stated that Weavile was a good “expansion on Sneasel’s concept” while Sneasler is just a “lankier and less aggressive” version of Sneasel. When compared to a Pokémon so successful competitively and beloved casually, Sneasler doesn’t seem to stack up in any department.

6/10 Incineroar

Fire types have a look history of controversial evolutions, starting with their third consecutive Fire/Fighting-type in Emboar. Generation 6 featured the beloved Torracat’s evolution into Incineroar.

Like many, Reddit user Willowed-Wisp was a fan of Torracat. However, they viewed Incineroar as an “awkwardly muscular wrestler that does not fit the rest of the line.” It’s true that Incineroar is one of the most criticized starters, partially due to the jarring contrast between Torracat and Incineroar.

5/10 Poliwrath

While Poliwag to Poliwhirl was already a bizarre transformation from a tadpole that became a bigger tadpole instead of a frog, Poliwhirl to Poliwrath is even more bizarre.

Reddit user Cruzzycruz94 notes that Poliwrath “basically just looks like Poliwhirl,” with others adding that it’s just a “swole” version. While the eventual branch evolution Politoed is a much cuter and more natural evolution for a big tadpole, Poliwrath just feels like a bizarre finale to the line.

4/10 Goodra

Dragon is one of the strongest types in the game, but not all Dragon evolutions are perceived well. Goomy is one of the most beloved basic “pseudo legendaries” and Dragon-types in the entire game, so Goodra had a lot to live up to.

Redditor Karzy0730 didn’t believe that Goodra measured up to Sligoo and Goomy, writing that it feels “generic compared to Goomy.” Thankfully, Goodra has at least gotten some fans thanks to some screen time in the anime, where it was an important part of Ash’s team.

3/10 Meganium

Grass starters often get the least love each generation, and the Johto starter trio is no exception. While Chikroita is certainly adorable, many don’t give the same love to Meganium that they do to Typhlosion and Feraligatr.

For Redditor LaserGlow, the issue with Chikorita’s final evolution is inconsistency in its design. They wrote that while “Chikorita and Bayleef have such an iconic design (the leaf on their head,” that it feels odd for “Meganium to have no trace of it.” Certainly, the loss of such an iconic part of the Pokémon line is a curious design choice.

2/10 Raichu

It may seem strange that Raichu is the final evolution of Pikachu, and that’s because it wasn’t originally intended to be. In the initial design phase, a powerful Electric-type named Gorochu was the original final evolution, with Raichu being the middle.

Reddit user jonathanquirk acknowledges this, but says that Gorochu’s existence “makes Raichu seem so much sadder as a final evolution.” His ultimate criticism is that Raichu is essentially just a “slightly bigger Pikachu.” Although this would have made more sense if it was truly a middle evolution.

1/10 Gengar

Gengar is, of the hundreds of Pokémon, one of the most beloved worldwide. The final trade evolution of the Ghastly line was the iconic first and only Ghost-type line from the original 151.

One Redditor had one of the most controversial takes on the thread, saying that they preferred how Haunter looked “really creepy with those disembodied hands.” A surprising number agreed with the user, with many commenting that Gengar certainly looks a bit goofy compared to Haunter.

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