Survivor: Why Lindsay Carmine Felt Gaslit By Tribe Members


Lindsay Carmine felt she was gaslit by other members of her tribe, Coco, leading up to her elimination on Survivor. Coco was unified before the elimination, having not lost an immunity. Before Lindsay’s elimination, Coco was the only tribe out of the three featured tribes on Survivor with all six members compared to Baka at five and Fesi at four. Fesi helped Baka solve their puzzle in the latest challenge in an attempt to even the teams. Coco was frustrated the others were teaming up on them since their tribe was performing well thus far.


Once Coco faced elimination, their unity quickly fell apart as they needed to decide who would be the first sent home. Before the elimination, Lindsay felt she had strong connections with many of her tribe members. However, relationships fell apart quickly, and Lindsay began to question her tribe members’ loyalty. While her final moments on the show looked like she was falling into paranoia, Lindsay claims she was gaslit by her tribe members. EW interviewed Lindsay and discussed the events leading up to her elimination, and she explained how they engaged in gaslighting her.

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How Paranoia Ruined Lindsay Carmine’s Relationship With Tribe Members

Although Lindsay believed she was well-connected in the tribe, the best positioned was Karla Cruz Godoy. Lindsay revealed that many conversations were happening in the days leading up to their first tribal council regarding who would go home first, which at the time was Geo Bustamante. She said, “We had a great thing going. James and I had our own little side alliance, and then we had the girls alliance, and the vote from day one was always gonna be Geo. It was Geo for nine days straight.” However, circumstances changed and paranoia set in after one conversation with Geo after their first loss in an immunity challenge.

When Lindsay talked to Geo, he told her that she was the target for the tribal vote. Whether this was true or not, uncertainty set in, and viewers saw Lindsay become paranoid. However, Lindsay asserts she was getting gaslit by cast members Karla and James Jones and not being paranoid. Lindsay recalled, “I confronted Karla and James after I had that conversation with Geo on the beach and they just kept saying, “It’s not you, quit being paranoid.” And I thought to myself like, you guys are gaslighting me.” It is possible Karla and James hid their intention of voting out Lindsay to avoid further conversations, but by telling her to stop being paranoid, they gaslit her.

Although it is difficult to trust anyone in a game for $1 million, paranoia historically does not benefit anyone in Survivor. Regardless of Lindsay’s belief that she was gaslit by tribe members, their view was that she was paranoid. When she went back to her allies and questioned their vote, she showed her distrust in them. Reasonably, they became uncertain whether they could trust Lindsay moving forward, thus making her the fourth person voted out.

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