“Supernatural,” “Criminal Minds,” And 19 Other TV Shows With Last Seasons That Fans…Didn’t Love


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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The ending was so out of character for Sabrina that it ruined the show.”


Killing Eve. I still can’t believe how they messed up what was supposed to be an incredible show. Okay, maybe the third season was also not the greatest, but the fourth really just…ruined it.”


The Brady Bunch is up there. I used to watch it all the time with my family and had seen all but the last season. One year, my uncle bought my sister the last season on DVD for her birthday, and we were all super excited to watch. They decided the main family wasn’t good enough and brought in a cousin who starts living with them because his parents are traveling the world. And the little guy was just not funny and not a good actor. Poor cousin Oliver was doomed to fail from the start.


New Girl. The last season was so fake and forced. It was just awkward. Did they get a new director that changed the way everyone acted?”


Orange Is the New Black. It just wasn’t the same in that other prison building.”


Supernatural. If all 15 seasons hadn’t happened, Dean would have died on a hunt gone wrong and Sam would have gotten a family and a white picket fence. With all 15 seasons of Supernatural happening, Dean died on a hunt gone wrong and Sam gets a family and a white picket fence. Also, I’m still not over how they RUINED 11 YEARS OF BUILDUP WITH Season 15, Episode 18*.”


Criminal Minds. I loved the whole series, but slowly, after most of the original cast was gone, it wasn’t the same.”


Superstore, because it wasn’t supposed to end, and they had already filmed most of it when it was canceled, so everything was rushed, and they didn’t get to play out the story lines they wanted to.”


House M.D. I ended up liking the last episode, but most of the last season was lacking.”


Sherlock (the BBC version). I see no one talking about how shit it was in comparison to Season 2.”


“As much as it pains me to admit this…Gilmore Girls. By the last season, it was new writers, and they just destroyed the last season. And then, Amy Sherman-Palladino tried to fix it with A Year in the Life…”


“While plenty of other shows have arguably worse last seasons, I would just like to mention that Battlestar Galactica‘s finale was incredibly disappointing. The heavy-handed religious hand waving and lack of payoff for the various mysteries that kept me engaged just soured that show for me so badly that I haven’t rewatched it since it originally aired.”


Lucifer. The final episode sealed the show’s fate. I like to believe it was all a dream.”


Teen Titans. It just kind of ended with absolutely no character arcs wrapped up.”


The Glades. It ends with the hero critically shot by a mystery bad guy/girl while his fiancée is calling him on the phone from the wedding venue. She called because he was late, and she was worried. Then, it just cuts out on a scene of him on the ground bleeding out and reaching for the phone and the bad guy/girl’s foot stepping into view. Then black. Whomever thought stopping there was a good idea is a massive asshole!”


Designated Survivor. That show was so freakin’ good. Netflix took it over for Season 3, and it was a totally different experience. Awful, ruined so many characters.”


“The end of Dexter is the most soul-destroying thing ever. So bad.”


Pretty Little Liars.”


And finally: “Game of Thrones had the entire world in its hands. Everyone fucking talked about that bloody show back then. But their last season was so bad no one talks about it. Massive fumble.”


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