Superman’s Lantern Ring Proves His Real Nemesis Is Darkseid, Not Luthor


Spoilers ahead for DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1!

Clark Kent’s Superman is one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, but he has shared a dark link with his worst enemy, Darkseid. While on paper they have nothing in common, they actually have shared one very powerful link, a Lantern ring.

Darkseid is one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies in the DC Universe, his abilities are near endless, from super strength, nigh invulnerability, teleportation, possession, and telekinesis to the ever-dangerous Omega Effect. Darkseid can do whatever he wants, but he still managed to gain even more power, and it ended up being a power Superman once had too. While Superman’s powers are numerous, they dwarf in comparison to just what Darkseid is capable of, which is why it takes the entire Justice League to fight Darkseid. Darkseid and Superman are both radically different, in terms of power set and personalities, which is why it was all the more surprising when they ended up using the same type of Lantern ring.


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In Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #2 readers see a truly terrifying sight, a zombified Darkseid gains the powers of a Yellow Lantern ring, since, in Darkseid’s own words: “Everything fears the end of life.” What’s interesting about this, aside from how absolutely terrifying Darkseid is with a Yellow Lantern Ring, is that Superman, also has gotten a Yellow Lantern ring, not just once, but twice. This gives Superman and Darkseid a link that Superman really doesn’t have with any other villain, not even Lex Luthor. While Lex Luthor has technically had a Green Lantern ring in the past, such as in The Challenge of the Super Friends (1978) TV show, he’s never had one in the comics. Meaning Superman has really only shared this link with Darkseid.

Superman & Darkseid Both Shared The Same Lantern Corps

Darkseid is a terrifying being in general, so it makes sense that he would gain the Yellow Lantern ring at some point, even without him being a zombie. But Superman is often treated as one of the purest heroes in the DC Universe, one that everyone can look up to. Batman having a Yellow Lantern ring is far more understandable, but the fact that Superman has gotten a Yellow Lantern ring twice implies the Man of Steel certainly has some link to the emotion of fear. Be it Superman’s own fear that he may lose control someday, or the fear humanity has that Superman might just decide to take over, just like he did in the Injustice universe—which is where he first got a Yellow Lantern.

Superman is one of the greatest symbols of hope in the DC Universe, but given his continual connection to darker characters like Darkseid and the emotion of fear, Superman could very well one day become DC’s greatest horror if the Man of Steel isn’t careful.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #2 is available from DC Comics!


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