‘Super’ Cute Fanart Shows Off the Superman Family’s New Designs


In adorable new fan art, the Superman Family shows off their new jacket-based designs—with the hilarious exception of Superman himself. Superman and his S-shield-wearing allies are jumping into a new era, which includes brand new designs for practically everyone in the family.

DC Comics recently announced their revamped Superman line of books, including two new ongoing series and a new format for the iconic Action Comics. Along with two back-up features, the main story in Action Comics starting in 2023 will feature not just Superman, but his entire roster of allies, including Superboy, Supergirl, the Irons family, and the Super-Man of China. A new Superman era of course calls for new Super-looks, and DC revealed refreshed costumes for almost the entire Superman family. The Supers, from Jon Kent to the recently-introduced Phaelosian twins from Warworld, are now showing a visually united front by wearing coordinating jackets.


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Cartoonist Sarah Leuver proves just how much fans are loving this direction in their new fan art featuring the Superman characters in their new jackets. In one image, Superboy, Natasha Irons, Supergirl, Jon Kent, and Kong Kenan stand in a row, admiring their new looks. Superboy (famous for his own leather jacket) says “Look, I don’t wanna say ‘I told you so’, but…” In a follow-up strip, Lois, Clark (whose design has remained the same), and the Phaelosian twins look on, as Lois says to Clark, “You want a jacket too, don’t you?” and Clark responds “I really do.

This Superman Family Fanart Shows Off These Exciting New Designs

Not only is Leuver’s cartoon perfectly adorable, it points out some key elements of these new designs. First, it demonstrates just how these matching jackets visually place all the Supers in a united front. There’s no mistaking that the whole family is now working together. Second, Clark Kent’s total lack of a new design still makes him visually unique despite retaining his classic—and iconic—cape-and-trunks look. Finally, just as the Metropolis Kid himself points out in this art, Superboy fans can pride themselves in knowing Superboy had the right idea all along. The supersuit-plus-jacket look is practical, and it’s just plain cool.

DC’s new direction for the Superman Family is exciting for new and old fans alike, and that’s apparent in how this extremely cute fan art depicts their new designs. Readers can look forward to Action Comics #1051 for the debut of the Superman Family-focused storyline. In the meantime, Superman fans will surely spot an influx of fan art and cosplays as fans continue to celebrate the dawn of the Superman Family jacket season.

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