Succession: 10 Most Cringeworthy Parts, According To Reddit


Succession again triumphed at the 74th Primetime Emmys after taking home three trophies, including an award for Outstanding Drama series. With season 4 on the horizon, many viewers expect more drama, laughs, and blunders as the dysfunctional Roy family deals with the company being sold to GoJo.

Despite their immense wealth and privilege, the Roy adult children have their fair share of cringe-worthy scenes, as their attempts to impress their father have led to embarrassing and awkward situations. Also, given their lack of maturity and real-world experience, they do not know how to extricate themselves without making the scene truly uncomfortable, which caused some Redditors to clench their teeth.


Roman Sends His Father An Intimate Photo

“Chiantishire” (S3.E8)

Reddit user hizzy_atf writes about one of the cringiest moments in the show, sharing, “I feel like sending a d!ck pic to your CEO dad transcends the realms of cringe…” This scene happens as Roman receives praise from Logan, only for Roman to ruin this moment by accidentally sending a photo of his private areas to Logan.

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Roman speaks for every viewer when he sinks so low in his chair that he almost disappears under the table. The whole idea of accidentally sending a relative an intimate picture is mortifying, and the resulting follow-out on Gerri is also wildly humiliating. It also made matters worse because, in season 3, up until this moment, Logan was seemingly grooming Roman as his replacement, only to find him a laughingstock.

Kendall Sings For Logan

“Dundee” (S2.E8)

For Logan’s 50th Anniversary at Waystar, his family and new CEO Rhea put on a huge celebration complete with speeches and video testaments. But none of these were the centerpieces of the night. The highlight was the unexpected rap by Kendall Roy about his father. Kendall throws on a baseball jersey, turns his hat sideways, and spits lyrics about how powerful his father is.

Redditor 4DimensionalToilet responded to this suggestion, saying, “I legit had to take out my headphones for a minute…” The only thing that makes the “L to the OG” rap bearable is that everyone in the crowd seems to be sharing the viewers’ embarrassment. The total disregard Logan seems to have for Kendall’s song also makes this a head-scratching decision on his part.

Shiv’s Bombshell At Tern Haven Dinner

“Tern Haven” (S2.E5)

Anytime the Roy family is asked to actually act like a normal family, it’s assured that something cringe-worthy is about to happen. Reddit user makidonalds points out this dinner scene, mentioning, “The whole dinner is a cringe fest but Shiv getting ahead of herself was the cherry on top of an already very awkward scene.”

The Roy and Pierce families have an awkward weekend together as the family discusses the acquisition. The cringe was ramped up when Shiv announced to the table that she was to succeed her father, which shocked everyone. It leads to an uncomfortable silence, with Logan noticeably irked by the bombshell. It highlighted Shiv’s pretentiousness, jumping to conclusions about her father’s empire and making the situation far worse than what was planned.

Roman Removing His Shirt In Front Of Gerri

“Lifeboats” (S1.E3)

Though he is a jerk, Roman Roy is also a good guy who just wants to impress his family and rise to the occasion as a worthy successor. While there are moments where Roman has been insightful, others have been just embarrassing. Redditor dreburden89 writes, “Roman taking his shirt off during a meeting with Geri and Kendall remains the most cringe inducing moment of the show for me.”

The decision to take off the shirt is quite absurd, as Roman still runs with the act for a long time and convinces Kendall to take off his blazer to brainstorm financial solutions. Roman also attempts to flex his muscle not too long after Kendall figures out a few good ideas, which only makes the cringe factor worse.

Nate Hitting On Shiv

“Which Side Are You On?” (S1.E6)

Nate Sofrelli is a despicable character in a cast of abhorrent characters, and he provides many uncomfortable dialogues with Shiv. Redditor blueashell comments, “When Shiv and Nate meet and they talk about f*****g… that part was just so hard to watch!”

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When they first meet on Succession, it’s revealed the two have a history. Shiv seems playful and ambivalent about it, while Nate can’t help making gross comments. Nate’s references to their sexual past are always creepy and dripping with a disconcerting romanticism, especially considering Shiv was already in a relationship with her now-husband.

Kendall Meets With The Startup

“Prague” (S1.E8)

After Kendall loses the vote of no confidence and is ousted from Waystar RoyCo, he and Frank Vernon try their hand at investing by themselves. Reddit user nyleen918 writes how cringe-worthy their first try is, saying, “Kendall in 1×08 when he’s having that meeting with the start-up and asks the girls what they think of his sneakers…”

Kendall’s tendency to show he is the “cool” Roy has led to some unpleasant interactions, including his meeting with the girls. Rather than be professional, Kendall overdoes it by wearing “hip” shoes and directly asking them about it, leading to an uncomfortable and terrible meeting.

Jennifer Meets Logan

“Dundee” (S2.E8)

When an actress from Willa’s play starts dating Kendall, it’s only a matter of time before the relationship ends. Jennifer wasn’t the most compatible match for Kendall since she didn’t know much about high society. Her meeting with a shady Logan Roy for the first time seals that fact.

Redditor sageegg posts the cringe-worthy moment, stating, “kendall’s date saying awesome a lot in front of logan.” Jennifer only says “awesome” twice, and there isn’t anything wrong with the word. But the look on Logan and Ken’s faces as she is doing it creates some extreme second-hand embarrassment for the audience and the end of their relationship.

“F**k The Patriarchy!”

“The Disruption” (S3.E3)

Though Kendall has some ruthless quotes in Sucession, Reddit user nonchalanthoover laughs at one of Kendall Roy’s most groan inducing words, “F**k the patriarchy is the best.” Of course, many viewers know that Kendall only says this remark as an attempt to make waves on Twitter and pose as a champion of the people.

When he decides to “give them (the press) something,” it is the click-bait “F**k the patriarchy” line that he goes with. It’s embarrassing to hear, and the self-congratulatory smirk he has on makes it seem all too forced. What’s worse is that Kendall only says this for clout, whereas in the episode before, he tore into Shiv for only being useful because she’s a girl.

Shiv Cuts Loose

“Too Much Birthday” (S3.E7)

Siobhan Roy gets the full brunt of Logan’s attention in season 3 as she is one of the last two remaining candidates for the position of his heir with Kendall on the attack. That also means she receives the full force of his manipulative tactics.

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Hence, Shiv needed to blow off some steam as Redditor JackieDaytonah points out, “It wasn’t Shiv’s dancing? Her demons were on the floor with her and they were winning lol”. At Kendall’s birthday party, Shiv lets the building pressure loose by dancing wildly in a much more brazen way than the audience has ever seen her. Her dancing may have been tacky, and she went really hard on the dance floor, but it is understandable that she needed to clear her mind of all the stress.

Kendall Thinks His AC Is Hacked

“The Disruption” (S3.E3)

When Kendall declares war on Waystar RoyCo in season 3, he is put in the awkward position of suing the same company he is the COO of. So while he is allowed into the offices, common sense would say to stay away, which of course means Ken does the opposite. It’s a cringe-fest as he saunters into the Waystar building and hops over the security gate.

Redditor MoSuarez mockingly reiterated this by saying, “They’ve hacked my AC…” Kendall is so self-absorbed that he thinks the company would hack his AC to make it slightly cooler in his office out of pettiness. It’s even more cringe-worthy when his assistant Jess attempts to politely tell him she feels no difference. It’s another example of Ken thinking he is one step ahead when he’s actually a few corners behind and thinks about the most minuscule things when there are far more serious problems to address.

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