Starfield Is Bringing Back Oblivion’s Most Annoying Character


Bethesda often brings traits from its previous games into its newer releases, and Starfield will be no exception. The much-anticipated title will be Bethesda’s first original RPG in the past 25 years, making many fans of the pioneering developer excited about what new gameplay elements it can introduce to its standard formula; however, as new content is being unveiled in Starfield‘s press cycle, so too is returning mechanics, themes, and even NPCs. And one of the most annoying, iconic characters from Oblivion – and really all The Elder Scrolls series – is coming back from the past to haunt the futuristic world of Starfield – the Adoring Fan.


The way this mysterious, horrible Oblivion character is returning in Starfield is through the game’s “Trait” mechanic. Players of Starfield will get the option to give their characters three traits from a list of characteristics during the avatar customization process at the beginning of the game. Each trait will come with positives and negatives that impact how players’ characters interact with the world of Starfield. And for one of the traits, this Oblivion NPC is definitely one of the negatives.

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In a Bethesda Softworks video on YouTube, director Todd Howard shows off Starfield’s trait system and briefly lingers over the option “Hero Worshipped.” The description of Hero Worshipped explains the fate of those who select this trait, saying, “You’ve earned the attention of an annoying ‘Adoring Fan’ who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly.” This Adoring Fan is not just a random, unnamed NPC but a haunting figure who comes from Bethesda’s past. In Oblivion, the Adoring Fan badgered the Champion of Cyrodiil to no end, and in the process became one of the most memorable characters from the game. The lasting impact he has had on Oblivion‘s legacy is apparently going to spread to Starfield.

Who Is Oblivion’s Adoring Fan And Why He’s So Famous

After completing one of Oblivion‘s best quests, the Arena mission, players are rewarded with three things: a level boost, the Raiment of Valor, and fame. While being recognized for one’s accomplishments can feel great, fame is a double-edged sword, and the unfortunate side of the blade is the Adoring Fan, a Bosmer commoner who becomes a follower. But he’s also much more than this: the Adoring Fan has a uniquely abhorrent design, with bright yellow Jimmy Neutron hair and the squarest face in Cyrodiil. Moreover, his voice lines are not only shockingly obnoxious but are repeated constantly. This concoction of pestering dialog and startling character design has resulted in the Adoring Fan becoming one of the most hated and (ironically) most loved NPCs in Oblivion, which is reflected in how killing him in interesting ways has become a sport among players. Unfortunately, though, killing the Adoring Fan is never a permanent solution to acquiring him as a follower, as he always manages to respawn, seemingly out of spite.

Luckily, Starfield may offer a way out of the infinite suffering the Adoring Fan inflicts on his idols. Players have the option of changing their traits through missions, meaning they can take away the Hero Worshipped trait should they want to during their playthrough. Nonetheless, it is great – if not a little terrifying – to see Bethesda look at the most popular and hated aspects of Oblivion and treat them as sources of inspiration in Starfield.

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