Star Wars: 9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Jyn Erso As A Character


As the Star Wars fan base waits for the premiere of Andor, hopes are high for this series highlighting the rebel officer Captain Cassian Andor. In Rogue One, Andor served as a counterbalance to his ally in the cause, Jyn Erso.

Starting as a jaded, detached drifter, Jyn grows into an impassioned rebel and hero. Through her journey, she unearths leadership qualities she never knew she possessed, sparking the inferno that would burn the Empire. As such a unique and memorable character, it’s no surprise that Star Wars fans have generated lots of memes about Jyn.


9 Erso Pride

Despite being born into the chaos of the clone wars, Jyn Erso would never forget her family’s legacy. Delivered to her brilliant scientist father Galen and her Church of the Force mother, Lyra, Jyn would spend time in a Separatists war camp before reuniting with her family after the Clone Wars.

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Even though her relationship with her parents was fragmented at best, Jyn cherished their time together on Lah’mu, seeking to reforge bonds lost to decades of war. Throughout her life, Jyn went by numerous aliases and personas. While she might go years without hearing her birth name, Jyn nonetheless proclaims her family’s name defiantly, bristling with pride, to the Imperial responsible for fragmenting her family from her all those years ago, Director Krennic.

8 Rebel Where It Counts

Admittedly, at first, Jyn was not very keen on the Rebels or joining the Rebel Alliance and becoming a Rebel, showing no love for General Davits Draven or Mon Mothma. However, during an emotionally filled exchange with Saw Guerrera, Jyn voices her indifference towards Imperial rule, stating, “It’s not a problem if you don’t look up.”

Jyn would develop a deeper understanding through her interactions with Cassian and the rest of the Rogue One team. Through her interactions with teammates possessing more personal stakes in the Rebellion, Jyn’s eyes were opened to the righteousness and necessity of the Rebellion. Finally, she would find the family she often wished for, becoming a Rebel.

7 Became A Role Model

While spending time in an Imperial labor camp on Wobani, as a known thief and criminal, Jyn had little preemptive knowledge of her upcoming role in galactic history. Indeed, an Imperial prison is not the first choice of hunting ground when looking for a potential role model.

Alas, the Rebel Alliance will liberate Jyn in hopes of garnering a meeting with the rebel extremist, Saw Guerrera, upon discovering his ties to the Erso family. However, initially stubborn and inclined to only look after her self-interest, Jyn would show herself to be a capable, intelligent Rebel who would have made a great Jedi and, in the process, morph from criminal to role model for many young rebels and women across the Galaxy.

6 Rough Around The Edges

Many of Jyn’s predecessors, like the equally memetic Senator Padme Amidala and Princess Leia Organa Solo, were raised in royal conditions designed to prepare them for public service and governing roles. Thus, they presented polished eloquence and tact when dealing with others that spoke regarding their upbringing.

While projecting a stoic indifference, Jyn lacked her diplomatically inclined predecessors’ stability and familial structure. As evidenced by her ‘fight first ask questions second’ mentality, Jyn was a survivor, emphasizing self-preservation first, which often made her appear unapproachable and emotionally detached.

5 Unique Relationship With Cassian

Serving as the primary liaison between the Rebel Alliance and Jyn, Captain Cassian Andor functioned as the bridge by which Jyn and the Rebellion could meet and work towards shared goals. Growing up in war, Cassian found that he and Jyn shared many traits in common, like their undeniable internal resilience.

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At least at first bumping heads, Cassian and Jyn would slowly develop a unique bond throughout their missions. Seemingly ironing out their differences early on, Cassian and Jyn began to grow as teammates as they realized the many things they share and where they stand with each other—ultimately culminating on the beaches of Scarif.

4 Lack Of Respect

Despite the resounding success of the mission, Jyn and the rest of Rogue One have struggled to find the respect and notoriety afforded to many notable figures in the Rebellion. Both on the big screen and among Star Wars fans, multiple instances serve to diminish the vital role Jyn played in the eventual success of the Rebellion.

In hindsight, the same disrespect from the Empire may have allowed Jyn and Rogue One to find success on Scarif. Indeed, proper deference from Director Krennic would have significantly hindered their overall chances of success. Still, like so many others, he had his condescension for Jyn Erso, and the Rebellion adeptly turned against him.

3 Underestimated

Throughout her life, the fiery, action-oriented Aries Jyn faced an uphill battle. Whether her nativity in a Separatist prison facility due to her father’s refusal to aid the Separatist cause or being raised as a child soldier in Saw Guerrera’s Partisans, Jyn’s outlook wasn’t always the brightest.

Since her inception as a character, Jyn and her chances for success have been frequently underestimated. Even after her success with Rogue One, both in the box offices and with the Rebel Alliance, Jyn must perpetually battle those that underestimate her place in Star Wars lore.

2 Star Wars Suicide Squad

It would be challenging for many fans to fully comprehend the unyielding belief that drove Jyn, Cassian, and the rest of the Rogue One towards their destiny on the beaches of Scarif. Indeed, Jyn had to understand the likelihood of success and chances for survival were negligible at best, yet she powered forward.

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Undoubtedly one of the countless Rebel sacrifices during the war with the Empire, Jyn and Rogue One must have profiled like a suicide squad to many Rebel peers, disobeying orders to undertake a mission that was a long shot at best. Yet, in hindsight, going into the mission resolute and full of hope, fully accepting the risks to life and limb, proved vital to the cause of ending imperial tyranny in the Galaxy. ​​​​​​​

1 Intense Relations with Rebel Alliance

Exhibiting almost as much animosity and dislike for Rebel Command as she held for the Empire, Jyn found few supporters amongst the Rebel hierarchy. The more militant commanders, like General Draven, saw little use in Jyn, seemingly undermining her and showing little concern for the well-being of her father or her father.

Even initially frosty with future allies Cassian and Senator Mon Mothma, Jyn lacked the internal driving motivations to join the Rebellion and focused on her self-survival above all else. But, of course, through the emotional rigors she experienced in her journey, essential reading before Andor, Jyn would find her Rebel spark and hope, endearing herself to Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, who honored her sacrifice.

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