Southern Charm: 12 Best Fan Theories, According to Reddit


Now that season 8 of Southern Charm has come to an end, fans have reflected on the future of the show, fates of the cast members, and compared seasons and storylines. Reddit has especially taken interest in this season, considering it had oodles of drama in each episode that revolved around multiple cast members instead of just one.

With the two-part reunion completed, fans cannot help but theorize about what occurred this season, and what has led this group of friends to this point. Is there a deeper reason why Whitney isn’t a part of the main cast anymore? And what about Kathryn, will she be a part of the show if season 9 was picked up, considering she wasn’t in much of season 8?


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Fans on Reddit agreed that every season of Southern Charm somehow gets better and better. The relationships become more complex, the friendships hit even more bumps in the road, and the drama never settles. In season 8 especially, there was enough chaotic energy coming from each cast mate for each scene to be full of entertainment. And while it’s not yet been said if season 9 has been green-lit or not, fans have shared their theories about the cast on Reddit.

Did Madison Release The Cheating Video?

If there’s one thing that came to light in season 7, it’s that Madison loved the spotlight and didn’t mind showing every aspect of her former relationship with Austen Kroll. Seeing how she acted in the reunion adds to this theory from TopScallion.

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The Redditor wrote, “I think Madison was definitely the one who leaked it. Either she set up the whole situation to begin with or she paid the girl who taped it to leak it.” They continued saying, “Madison knew she would need some kind of ‘scandal’ like that to make herself relevant to get on the show.” The Redditor referred to the fact that a video was secretly released of Madison catching Austen with two other women. Some assumed that she did this for a storyline. Regardless of the reason, plenty of Madison-based memes came from this Southern Charm moment.

Whitney & Naomie Are Fake

In season 8, fans were stunned to find out that not only was Naomie back in Charleston after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, but that she was hooking up with Whitney. The two had known each other for years, and it seemed like a random pairing, especially since Naomie hooked up with Craig not long before.

Wander_Smiley theorized “The whole Naomie and Whitney thing is fake” and the reason why Craig got so upset over their relationship was because he couldn’t break the fourth wall. “Problem is, Craig can’t say Jack about it bc [sic] it would screw things up for the show, and he is pissed bc all of his friends are all playing a role in it, and he too has to play along,” they continued saying. Nevertheless, some of these meltdowns between Craig and Naomie created some of the best scenes for Southern Charm viewers to watch.

Next Up: Southern Charm Nashville

Over the years, the cast has all name-dropped going to Nashville for a weekend once or twice. Towards the end of season 7, Southern Charm fans were closely watching the drama unfold between Madison. Austen, and Craig.

Austen and Craig were in Nashville partying with former reality TV star Kristin Cavallari. Likewise, it came out that Madison also went to Nashville to hang out with Cavallari’s ex-husband, Jay Cutler. Because of all the Nashville ties, Zorp-Is-Dead thought that Bravo was gearing up for a Southern Charm: Nashville spinoff. “[Kristin and Jay] using the Southern Charm drama to set up their new show. It’s all fake orchestrated PR backstory on how all these people know each other.” It wouldn’t be the first time a spinoff was created because well-known celebrities knew each other, but time will tell.

Is Austen Protective Of Kathryn Because They’ve Hooked Up?

Kathryn isn’t always the most likable cast member on Southern Charm. She has had ups and downs with most of the cast at separate times, and due to her history, she’s not the easiest person to track down or communicate with. But when Kathryn is on a good path, she especially connected with Craig and Austen.

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Redditor LlamaLobster believed that Austen was always protective of her because they hooked up in the past. “My sister is convinced, after watching the reunion, that Kathryn and Austen have hooked up,” they wrote. This theory isn’t too far fetch because a few of the cast members have hooked up with each other, but Austen has stayed mum on alone time with Kathryn.

Was Olivia Only On The Show For Leva’s Spinoff?

Olivia Flowers joined the series in season 8 as Austen’s love interest. She had just moved back to Charleston and was getting to know his group of friends. Their relationship was slow from the start because Austen was still bickering with his ex, Madison.

At season 8’s reunion, it was announced that Olivia and Austen were no longer dating. This begged the question of where Olivia would stand for season 9. Lbilak had a compelling theory. “Someone uncovered that the Flowers parents are investors in Leva’s restaurant group. I think Olivia might be planted in SC and then jump on Leva Land as an employee of Republic.” With Leva’s new reality spinoff in the works, it would be interesting if Olivia was a part of it.

This Could Be The Reason Why Thomas And Kathryn Didn’t Marry

It was heartbreaking watching Kathryn crave a long-term relationship with Thomas because it was obvious they were so mismatched. Many of their dramatic arguments live rent-free in Southern Charm fans’ heads.

When Thomas was in politics, BuckityBuck theorized that Kathryn’s long lineage of Charleston charm would make him look better on the campaign trail. “He wanted her on his arm because he thought the association with her last name would make him more electable to ‘conservative’ voters, and she was young and pretty.” In reality, fans thought that having a much younger girlfriend had a negative effect on his run.

Keyword: Physical

During the first part of season 7’s reunion, it was revealed that Madison was involved with a few professional athletes, and many of them were in serious relationships. Danni Baird confirmed that one of the former MLB players that Madison was FaceTiming was Alex Rodriguez, the ex-fiancé to Jennifer Lopez.

While there were a lot of funny reactions to the season 8 reunion of Southern Charm, season 7 was on another level. Madison later had to release a statement to Page Six saying Alex “Never physically cheated on his fiancé with me.” However, BarbieOne speculated something fishy with Madison’s phrasing: particularly with the word “physically.” Fans theorized that the two were together intimately through messaging or video chat instead of physically.

Are Craig & Shep More Than Friends?

Craig and Shep have been friends for years and every time Craig messed up, Shep seemed disappointed in his future choices. Some saw the friendship as jealous-filled brotherly love, but BluelitePrevails thought there was more to it.

They believed that Craig and Shep were in an on-and-off secret relationship for years. “Looking back across seasons, you actually notice that the dynamics in the Craig-Shep relationship get just as heated and dramatic as the HUGE arcs of Kathryn and Thomas: IE huge blowout fights, intense jealousy, emotional confrontations at reunions.” The thread provided details and examples, but considering how many jealous fights they’ve had, this theory might have at one time been true.

Are Austen And Chelsea Meant To Be?

Before Austen’s toxic relationship with Madison, he was in a relaxed and loving relationship with former castmate Chelsea Meissner. The two realized they were better as friends and ended things on good terms.

SpicierThanExpected wrote, “Chelsea and Austen are #ForeverGoals?” and compared them to The OC’s Seth and Summer. Although there are plenty of fake things about Southern Charm, their bond always felt protected and authentic. With both castmates still living in Charleston, the possibility is always there.

Will Whitney And Kathryn Eventually End Up Together?

At the beginning of Southern Charm, there was a Bravo conspiracy theory that Whitney and Kathryn were more than just friends. The only reason Whitney gave Kathryn space was because his friend Thomas was also interested in her.

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However, La_Croix_Life theorized “In a few years (like 5-10) Whitney and Kathryn begin their full-on, grown-up relationship (not just hooking up) but a real romantic partnership, get married and start an (actually successful) production company together.” Although Whitney and Naomie were hooking up in season 8, maybe Kathryn and Whitney will rekindle what once was.

Bad Editing Makes A Villain

Was Kathryn a villain or was that how production made her out to be? One Redditor blamed editing on how evil Kathryn came off over the years. “I have a theory that Kathryn consistently gets a bad edit because the show needs a villain,” they wrote.

They continued with examples of her time on the show and finished by saying, “Basically what I am saying is that maybe Kathryn isn’t a monster.” There are plenty of fans who can’t stand Kathryn on Southern Charm, but perhaps she’s had a bad edit to coincide with her dramatic storylines over relationships and legal issues.

Shep’s Anger With Craig Came From Jealousy

Is Shep jealous of Craig? Craig came onto the scene as a new lawyer, but it later came out that he never took his Bar exam, meaning he’s not actually a lawyer. What followed next was Craig trying to find himself. He eventually found his love of sewing and created a very profitable business, on top of passing the Bar and becoming the lawyer he always knew he could be.

Because of Craig’s new success, TypicalThoughts5044 wrote, “I think Shep is jealous of Craig and I’m not sure why.” Now that Craig has proven everyone wrong, it wouldn’t be far off to say that Shep is eating crow for all the rude things he’s done and said to him over the years.

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