Sons of Anarchy Tig Actor Reflects On How The Series Changed His Life


Actor Kim Coates reflects on his Sons of Anarchy character, Tig Trager, and the impact the role had on his life and career. Coates stars as Nick in Double Down South, a new thriller from writer-director Tom Schulman about the high-stakes environment surrounding illegal keno gambling. Coates has a prolific career in on screen, appearing in many notable films such as The Last Boy Scout, Silent Hill, and Black Hawk Down. Prior to his Sons of Anarchy fame, Coates was a frequent guest and recurring actor on shows like CSI: Miami, Smallville, and Prison Break.


Sons of Anarchy is an FX action drama that follows the criminal activities of Charming, California’s titular motorcycle club. The Charlie Hunnam-led series premiered in 2008, and over the course of 7 seasons, it earned a positive critical reception and an overwhelming fan response that made it one of FX’s most watched shows at the time. Coates rose to prominence for his role as the club’s Vice President, Tig Trager, a callous and violent enforcer deeply loyal to the gang. In the beginning of Sons of Anarchy, Tig serves as the gang’s Sergeant-at-Arms, responsible for ensuring proper charter bylaws are followed by all members. Despite his inclination towards violence, Tig is a beloved, fan-favorite character central to the show’s emotional core, exemplifying themes of redemption, loyalty, and brotherhood.

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Double Down South star Coates opens up about his time playing Tig Trager in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant. Coates admits that he did not realize the impact a great television show could have on not only his career, but millions of fans around the world. Read Coates’s full quote below:

“But before Sons of Anarchy, I was always, “Oh, you’re the guy from Black Hawk Down,” or “You’re the guy from The Last Boy Scout.” “You’re the guy from Open Range.” I had no idea about the power of a great television show. When I did Sons, I became Kim Coates. People really knew my name. I’d never taken anything for granted, but I wasn’t really worried about making lots of money. I just wanted to do the best work I could.

“I was so naive towards the power of television, when people would watch every week and they couldn’t wait for the next Tuesday, millions of people around the world. Those seven years on Sons were a big turning point in my career, but it’s also allowed me to do this type of movie.”

Why Kim Coates Was The Perfect Tig

Coates’s Sons of Anarchy role established him as a leading actor, providing him with more on-screen opportunities. The actor brought depth and sensitivity to the role of Tig Trager, developing him beyond a caricature of a violent, promiscuous, biker gang member. This commitment to the character had a powerful impact on audiences, allowing them to experience difficult and painful emotions alongside Tig. Over 7 seasons, Sons of Anarchy fans watched Tig grow and continuously make bad decisions for good reasons. Coates’s complex portrayal resonated with audiences who tuned in each week, captivated by his honest performance.

Coates continues to be recognized for his role on Sons of Anarchy, noting that his success with the series has afforded him the opportunity to lead films and pursue new projects. The actor briefly reprised the role of Tig Trager in the season 4 finale of the Sons of Anarchy spin-off series, Mayans MC. Even as he moves on to new projects like Double Down South, Coates will always hold Tig and Sons of Anarchy close to his heart.

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