Skaar And 9 Other Powerful Hulk Relatives In Marvel Comics


Spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law season finale!She-Hulk: Attorney At Law ended its first season with many surprises, but the biggest might have been introducing Hulk’s son, Skaar. This brief scene raised many questions for MCU fans, but the comics hold the answers to where Skaar came from, and likely where he is going in live-action. The comics also feature many more Hulk relatives who could appear in the MCU.

With The Multiverse Saga unfolding over the next few years, the opportunity for Hulk relatives from different realities to appear becomes increasingly likely. So does the chance of seeing major characters like the Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, who play key roles in storylines the MCU seems poised to adapt soon.


10/10 Skaar

The Illuminati stranded Hulk on Sakaar in Planet Hulk, among the best Hulk comic book story arcs ever. While there, he fathered a son, Skaar, with Caiera the Oldstrong. Skaar possesses the superhuman strength and stamina his father does, as well as proficiency in the Old Power, a mystical force native to Sakaar.

The Old Power allows Skaar to harness the power of stone and lava, manipulating the earth to his will. That included transforming into solid stone. Skaar plays a major part in the Hulk’s comics from the 2010s like World War Hulk and his cameo in the season finale likely signals where the MCU is going.

9/10 Hiro-Kala

Hulk had another son with Caiera the Oldstrong, Hiro-Kala. Hiro-Kala also proved adept with the Old Power, but as it was fading, he used his skill to combine it with the Power Cosmic. Comic book fans know the Power Cosmic derives from Galactus, making Hiro-Kala among the powerful Marvel cosmic characters with the potential to destroy worlds.

Hiro-Kala also likely appears in the MCU now that Skaar has, and he could serve as the villain of the movie hinted at in the She-Hulk season finale. His life unfolded differently than his brother’s, leading to eventual conflict.

8/10 Lyra

Lyra hails from Earth-8009, an alternate universe where the Hulk fathered her with Thundra, a powerful She-Hulk villain. Lyra possesses superhuman strength but is far more limited in comparison to her father. Though she deadlifts over 100 tons, she gets weaker the angrier she gets, unlike her father and other Hulk comic relatives.

Lyra does possess Gamma Sight, which allows her to perceive other people’s weaknesses. This helped her when she crossed over to the main Marvel Universe, Earth-616. Given her comic book story, she likely appears in some form in the MCU.

7/10 Brian Banner

Brian Banner, Bruce’s father, shares his son’s scientific prowess. His hateful and neglectful demeanor left powerful and lasting psychological scars on Bruce, which directly contributed to the manifestation of the Hulk persona. Brian Banner eventually gained powers himself, thanks to The One Below All.

The One Below All used Brian as its avatar to exit The Green Door into the world. He then gained the ability to possess other people, including his own son, using them to do whatever he wanted.

6/10 Bruce Banner Jr.

Bruce Banner Jr. emerged from perhaps the darkest Marvel Comics timeline. The son of the Hulk shares his father’s virtually unlimited superhuman strength, durability, and speed. He also inherited his father’s brilliance, and retains some measure of it in his Hulk form, but not all.

Old Man Logan raised the child after wiping out the Hulk Gang in this post-apocalyptic alternate reality. He trained him to become a superior fighter and a hero in a world with few left.

5/10 Mustang

Mustang grew up on Battleworld in an alternate universe where the heroes never returned from the planet in the 1985 Secret Wars crossover event. The son of She-Hulk and Hawkeye, he gained superhuman strength and stamina from her, along with his green skin. His strength proved far less robust than hers, however.

Like his father, Mustang became an expert with the bow and arrow. He joined the Battleworld Avengers with other superhero children and given where the MCU is headed, he could potentially appear.

4/10 She-Hulk

Comic book fans know She-Hulk reigns as Hulk’s most high-profile comic book relative. She also ranks as the most powerful. Like her cousin, no theoretical limit exists on her power potential. Her strength directly links to how angry she gets, as the live-action series showed in its penultimate episode.

She-Hulk also retains her intelligence in Hulk form, something Bruce Banner struggled to do in the comics. This always gave her an edge in battles and in life. Like him, she also gained immortality in recent comics, increasing her power even more.

3/10 Amazon

Clones litter Marvel Comics and She-Hulk is no exception. She received an unlikely Hulk relative in Heroes For Hire #12 from 1998 when The Master of the World created a She-Hulk clone. Amazon shares all her superhuman powers, including unlimited strength, superhuman speed, and a regenerative healing factor.

Amazon made only one appearance in Marvel Comics, making an MCU appearance somewhat unlikely. Cloning could emerge as a plot point in live-action however, at least opening the door to a She-Hulk clone someday.

2/10 Red She-Hulk

Bruce Banner married Betty Ross in Marvel Comics, though she was only a normal human at the time. Later, she transformed into the Red She-Hulk. Her strength, stamina, and agility matched the Hulk’s, as she proved against her former husband and Jennifer Walters. Her strength however remains constant, regardless of how angry she gets.

She featured several powers unique to her. She generated energy blasts, a product of excess gamma radiation, and she wielded claws and talons sharp enough to cut through the Hulk’s skin.

1/10 Red Hulk

Betty’s father, and Bruce’s one-time father-in-law, also developed gamma powers. General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross became the Red Hulk thanks to the Intelligencia, developing superhuman strength and stamina on par with the Hulk’s. He also generated deadly gamma radiation, killing ordinary humans who got too close.

He absorbed latent radiation as well, but this sometimes overheated him. As a result, he breathed fire. The Red Hulk got a mention in She-Hulk episode 8 and very likely appears in the MCU given his ties to many characters and storylines.

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