Sister Wives: Why Kody Does Not Care About Janelle Being Homeless


Sister Wives star Kody Brown appeared unbothered about Janelle Brown potentially being homeless during a recent episode of the TLC series. For many years now, their spiritual marriage has had its ups and downs. Recently, Kody and Janelle had a one-on-one regarding her living situation. When she explained the situation to him, he didn’t seem to care at all about where his wife might live. Viewers were shocked, but many of them believe that Kody isn’t clever enough to handle critical situations that involve his sister wives.


A preview was uploaded by TLC on Instagram, featuring Sister Wives footage. In the clip, Janelle and Kody were discussing the possibilities, in terms of where she could live. Janelle has renting in Flagstaff, Arizona. Then, her landlord revealed that they wished to sell the property, which would mean that she would soon have no roof over her head. As she spoke about this with Kody, she was trying to explain her situation, including her thoughts on her possible plans for the future. Instead of seeming sympathetic about her problems, Kody didn’t appear to care where Janelle would live.

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Why Janelle Appeared Furious While Talking To Kody

While analyzing different living arrangements with Kody, Janelle was left with two options. She could either buy the whole property where she is currently living, or look for another home. Janelle didn’t want to buy the house, because she was already planning to build a home on the infamous Coyote Pass land. Then, she brought up the idea of living in a trailer for a few months, which would allow her to save up some money. Janelle is clearly willing to make some sacrifices in order to eventually settle down at Coyote Pass.

However, Kody didn’t seem to agree with Janelle’s proposal. According to him, there is still some assessing to do regarding the Coytoe Pass property lines. With Christine living the single life, her part of the Coyote Pass land may be up for grabs at some point. Kody explained that Christine has several options that she can choose. For example, she can keep it, or sell it to someone; it’s all up to her. At the moment, the Coyote Pass development is in limbo, until the issues are resolved. However, Janelle feels like Kody is unable to comprehend the situation that she is currently in. She says that he is always twisted, and can’t seem to figure out a solid plan for Coyote Pass.

Fans seemed supportive of Janelle, as they advised her to follow her heart, and live in a trailer. Many even suggested that she should move with Christine to Utah. In the end, Janelle decided to purchase an RV and place it on the Coyote Pass land. She seemed happy about her bold decision to live with her daughter in an RV. However, there may be more issues revealed about Sister Wives star Janelle’s circumstances soon.

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