Silent Hill 2 Remake Looks Likely As Official Livestream Confirmed


Konami has announced a Silent Hill livestream, raising hopes for a revival of the franchise and adding credence to the Silent Hill 2 remake rumors.

A Silent Hill livestream has been announced by Konami, breathing fresh life into the Silent Hill 2 remake rumors, as well as those about a new entry in the series. The last entry in the Silent Hill franchise was Silent Hill: Downpour in 2012, but arguably the most significant installment of the last decade is the one that was never made.

The Silent Hill series was meant to continue with a game called Silent Hills, which was a project developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, with actor Norman Reedus appearing as the game’s protagonist. This game was introduced to the world through a demo called P.T., which immediately gained viral attention thanks to its unique set-up and creepy atmosphere. Sadly, Silent Hills was canned when Kojima left Konami (with P.T. even being delisted from the PlayStation Store), and he went on to make Death Stranding with Reedus and del Toro. Since then, there have been countless Silent Hill remake rumors involving Bloober Team, to the point where a new game started to look like an inevitability.


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It seems as if fans will get their answer soon, as the official Silent Hill Twitter page has announced a Silent Hill Transmission event on October 19, 2022, at 2:00 PM PDT. It bears mentioning that the Twitter post refers to “updates” in the plural sense, so it’s possible that there will be more than one project announced at the event. The tweet also has a quote from Silent Hill 2, heavily suggesting that the rumored remake or remaster will be one of the announcements.

Silent Hill Transmission Could Reveal More Than Just A Remake

Although not every rumor about a Silent Hill remake or reboot was to be taken seriously, there has been a lot of physical evidence pointing toward a new entry in the series. There have been screenshots and documents released relating to something called “Project Sakura”, which many believe is a codename for a new Silent Hill title. There have also been screenshots released of a Silent Hill 2 remake developed by Bloober Team, which is a matchup that makes sense, considering the team’s work in the horror genre and on games heavily inspired by Silent Hill 2, like The Medium.

The time has finally come for all of the leaks, rumors, and speculation to pay off, as Konami is ready to show its hand – which should be exciting for fans of the franchise. For years now, the Silent Hill series has only existed in crossovers, and the time has come for fans to return to the haunted town.

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