Signs That Robyn Brown Is The Ultimate Sister Wives ‘Princess’


Sister Wives fans have watched Robyn Brown get special treatment and added perks from Kody Brown for 17 seasons, and they think she is the “princess.”

Robyn Brown may be the ultimate princess on Sister Wives in addition to her well-known title of “the favorite wife.” Kody Brown insultingly called his wives “princesses” on the show when he felt they were asking for too much, but fans think Robyn is the real princess. She has gotten special attention and treatment from Kody over the course of 17 seasons of the show. With Christine Brown gone, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri Brown are the only “princesses” left.


The Brown family has gone through a lot of changes on Sister Wives, as Christine’s departure from Kody was shocking to fans and the three other wives. Kody is known for acting selfishly, favoring Robyn over his other wives and only interacting with his kids when it benefits him. The family moved a lot over the years, and their move to Coyote Pass was not a decision everyone was excited for. When Janelle and Christine were opposed to moving, Kody called them “two princesses giving ultimatums,” and he recently revealed this season that he wants to bring back the patriarchy.

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Kody Brown Makes Exceptions For Robyn

Though Kody has always had an obsession with being the head of his household, many think Robyn is the one with all the power. She has been able to control Kody’s decisions since before she even became his fourth wife. Kody did not kiss any of his wives before they were married due to their religious beliefs, but he made an exception with Robyn for their engagement. This is not the only time he bent the rules for Robyn, as he legally divorced his first wife Meri and married Robyn, so he could adopt her kids in a move that surprised fans at the time.

Robyn Brown Gets A Nanny

Robyn is treated more like royalty than anyone else on Sister Wives. She gets special perks from Kody, including a nanny on season 16. During the pandemic, Kody spent almost all of his time doting on Robyn and her kids, aged 5 through 21. The other wives revealed that they were never even given the option of a nanny.

Robyn Brown Owns Most Coyote Pass Property

Robyn not only got her wish granted of moving to Coyote Pass, but she also was the only wife happy with her plot of land. Plans may change now that Christine has given up her lot on the property, but Sister Wives fans have a feeling she will fare the best in that situation too. Kody might as well have placed a crown on Robyn’s head with all the added perks, attention, and decision-making power she gets on the show that is not afforded to his other wives.

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